Mrs. Alvarez is a character in the novel Final Destination: Dead Man's Hand. She is a customer at the laundromat the Big Apple, the store where Arlen Ploog works at. According to Ploog, Mrs. Alvarez is in her forties and of Hispanic decent, who only has time to relax by going to the laundromat. While she was there one evening, Roberto Diaz (a man who recently beat his girlfriend's son to death) ran into the store to hide from the cops. Knowing he was up to no good, Arlen approached the man and tried to persuade him to leave, but he wound up punching Arlen in the stomach and almost killed him inside the store. After slapping him around a few times, Mrs. Alvarez's daughter (or some nameless customer who looked similar to her) said the Roberto was on camera, and he wound up leaving the store before Arlen had the chance to call the cops. Arlen stood up and thanked the women, shortly before retreating to the back rooms to wash his pants, which he urinated all over.

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