Pier Merlot is a character in the novel Final Destination: Looks Could Kill. She is the owner of the Coral Clipper and one of the fatalities reported after her yacht foundered. A model during her younger years, Merlot now owns a modeling agency in New York City, and hired and trained several models throughout her lifetime. Their names were Chablis, Shiraz, Chardonnay, Rose, Brut, Cabernet, and Sherry. After meeting with Sherry one day, Merlot announced to her stars that all of them had been accepted to host a new perfume line, and to celebrate, she decided to host a party in Miami on her yacht, the Coral Clipper. After chatting to Sherry for a brief moment, a wayward cigarette boat called the LookSea plows into the yacht, creating a major explosion that made the ship sink. Although Merlot tried to calm the passengers down, she wound up getting trampled by most of them, and was rejected help even from her assistant Carlo. Eventually, she suffered a heart attack and died on the ship.

However, this was all only a premonition witnessed by Sherry.


After seeing the horrible premonition, Sherry runs aboard the ship and manages to convince Rose, Shiraz, Chablis and Chardonnay to get off or else the ship will crash and everyone will die. However, even though she begs Merlot to leave and even tries to haul her off, Merlot insisted that she stayed on board, and didn't believe a word she said. As the boat began to head out of the pier, Horace Fischer lost control of his vessel the LookSea and plowed his ship into the Coral Clipper, causing the ship to sink and kill everyone who stayed on.

It can be assumed Merlot died under the same circumstances, and was trampled before suffering a fatal heart attack.


  • The name of the Pier the yacht departs from is Pier 13.
  • Shiraz feels the wind go cold shortly before getting off.

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