The Pigeons fly through the construction site where the worker accidentally flips his elbow to the lever.

A Pigeon is an ordinary bird, which may in fact be Death's most loyal servants. Pigeons were involved in several deaths in the Final Destination series.

Final Destination 2

Tim Carpenter was killed after a number of Pigeons flew into the window of his dentist's office. He left the dentist's office only to be crushed.

Final Destination 3

Ian McKinley shot at some of Death's Avian Servants (pigeons) because his boss ordered him to get the pigeons out of the warehouse. It is unknown whether this contributed to one of the deaths there.

Erin and pigeon

Erin and a pigeon.

It probably did.

In an alternate scene in the Choose Their Fates version if you choose to fire a warning shot one of the pigeons ends up flying up into Erin's face causing her to fall and get shot with the nail gun.

The Final Destination

A pigeon defalcated on Janet Cunningham's windshield shortly after being scared by a penny thrown by a hobo. Shortly thereafter, Death attempted to kill her, but she was saved by her friends arriving just in time.

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