Fd4 vision 12

I saw it, like I don't know, I saw it. I saw it on the runway, I saw it take off, I saw out my window, I saw the ground and - the cabin, it starts to shake, right and and the left side blows up and then the whole plane just explodes. And it was so real just like how everything happens, you know.

Alex Browning, explaining his vision of Flight 180.

A premonition is a type of prophecy the protagonists of the Final Destination franchise experience, consisting of an impressionable warning of a future event. This phenomenon is characterized by such sensations as anxiety, uneasiness, a vague feeling of disquiet suggesting impending disaster to actual visual or auditory hallucinations. Premonition is sometimes referred to as a "gut-level" feeling. The sensation tends to occur prior to disasters, accidents, deaths and other traumatic and emotionally charged events.

The sensation of premonition may be considered precognition at times because there is no clear-cut line between them. However, generally premonitions are sense-oriented, dominated by a syndrome of physical uneasiness, depression, or distress that is without discernible source or reason. It is an unexplainable feeling that "something is going to happen." Precognition, on the other hand, is more precise, involving visions or dream of the event that is to occur in the future. Throughout the series, these instances of precognition are often reffered to as a "vision".

A premonition is a noun for: a feeling of anticipation of or anxiety over a future event; presentiment. It can also be described as a forewarning.

Final Destination films

Some have noted on the significance of premontions throughout the series. Up to this point, it has never been fully explained how the main visionaries suddenly got these premonitions. Although, The Final Destination has suggested Death would give them ultimately as part of a ruse to set them for what was really the plan all along.

Final Destination

Alex Browning had a premonition about the Flight 180 explosion. When he was in Carter's car with the other survivors after Ms. Lewton died, he hallucinated a translucent image of a train coming toward the car. In Paris at the end of the film, Clear Rivers hallucinated a translucent bus and realized that a bus would hit Alex.

Final Destination 2

Kimberly Corman had a premonition about a pile-up in Route 23. She also had a premonition of herself driving into the the lake, drowning, and being revived by Ellen Kalarjian.

Final Destination 3

Wendy Christensen had a premonition about a derailment in Devil's Flight roller coaster. She also had a premonition about a derailment of Train 081.

The Final Destination

Nick O'Bannon had a premonition about the McKinley Speedway crash. He also had a premonition about the explosion of Tagert Theatres and Springfield Centre Mall. As well as several premonitions as to how the survivors were going to die.

Final Destination 5

Sam Lawton had a premonition about the North Bay Bridge collapsing. He and Molly Harper later witnessed Alex Browning panicking on Flight 180 due to his own vision of the plane explosion, but Sam didn't know that he had a vision.

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