Dr. Reese is a character in the novel Final Destination: Destination Zero. He is a veterinarian who works at a dog pound close to where Patti Fuller lives. After the death of Will Sax, Patti knew she had to kill herself in order to be saved from Death, so she went over to the pound to find anesthesia used to put down dogs. Lying to the nurse about running over a dog, Patti manages to get the doctor from his quarters, and then grabs his arm, threatening to break it if he doesn't show her where the drugs are. Leading her into the back, Patti grabs a bottle and kicks Doctor Reese in the groin, filling a syringe with an overdose of the anesthesia. Although the doctor suggested for Patti to get counseling or some form of help, she just yells at him to call 911, which he does. Patti proceeds to inject herself and dies, mere seconds before she's almost impaled in the head by a fallen TV antenna.

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