Ricky Leo is a mentioned character in the novel Final Destination: Looks Could Kill. He is a rock star and Cabernet's ex-boyfriend. Cabernet first met Ricky backstage at the Houses of Blues, and their relationship started out okay since she found him charming and sweet. But after some time, Cabernet discovered that Leo was nothing more than a narcissistic asshole who would always bully her and became obsessed about Cabernet, criticizing her with every chance he had, making her feel like a failure. The only reason why Cabernet never left Leo was because whenever she threatened to, he would act sweet and innocent again, and soon enough would go back to his usual ways.

However, one night at a restaurant, a photographer named Gunter Nonhoff (whom Cabernet knew beforehand) saw her crying after Leo went over into the bathroom and asked her why she tolerated the man. Although Cabernet tried to lie for him, Gunter knew she was miserable and confronted Leo in the bathroom, punching him in the face and threatening to never come into contact with her again. He didn't, and Gunter took over as Cabernet's boyfriend.

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