Biography Edit

Roast Sade Opultter is the friends of Greg Rutpor and John Turg. She had a crush on Shaine Pearl. Roast is the 1st survivor of the London Eye Collapse to die.

Final Destination 6 Edit

Jane got a call from her best friend, Shaine. After meeting with Shaine in the airport, Jane tells Shaine that she had a crush on Mark. As soon then, Mark touches her shoulder. After seeing Mark, she kisses him putting them in a

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Roast at London.

relationship. As soon as more of their friends came. They went to the plane and takeoff. After unpacking their luggages on their hotel rooms. They visit the London Eye, Encountering a long line, Jane had a premonition of the ferris wheel collapse. Jane then tells the worker to not start the next spin. This made the worker angry, kicking them off from the ride. When they went to a double-decker bus, they saw the London Eye collapsing as Jane predicted. Back to Philippines, Jane start to see omens of someone's gonna die.

Death Edit

While Roast is reading a comic book. At the bathroom, a bottle of detergent fell spilling detergent. A coat rack fall and pushes an outlet outward revealing the uncoated wires. One foot on the coat rack pressed the button of the temperature control of the shower into cold. The shower turned on that filled a bucket and made a heavy pouring sound, which alarms Roast. Roast went to the bathroom and saw the mess. When Roast approaches to the bucket, he slipped from the detergent and slipped. His head went to the bucket when he accidentally pushes the bucket under the faucet. As Roast struggle, the detergent went to his hand, trapping him more. The coat racks rolls at the opposite direction and cracked an aquarium, filled with water. The water went to the outlet and went to the floor, while the another trail of water which is connected to Roast, try to meet with the high voltage water.

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The lightning at Jane's premonition

Jane and Mark went to his house and saw him in the bathroom. They able to rescue him but not too long when he lie down. He lie down at the trail of water when the trails of water meet together, electrocuting him.

Signs/Clues Edit

  • The comic book that Roast is reading is called, "High Voltage".
  • While reading his comic his comic book, his lamp start to flicker. When he went to the bathroom, the lamp went off. After he die, Mark notices that his lamp went on.
  • Jane had a premonition of a coat rack, a shower, two trails of water, and lightning that form a skull.
  • When Mark gave Jane a glass of water, she saw the water as blood with lightning.
  • His name is Roast, well... he is electrocuted for short toasted/ROASTED to death.

Trivia Edit

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