Roberto Diaz is a character in the novel Final Destination: Dead Man's Hand. He was a Mexican criminal and the boyfriend of Carolina Lavirra. Diaz was wanted for arrest after he allegedly beat his girlfriend's son, Danny Lavirra, to death. After Carolina informed Detective Ackerman and Detective Montoya about a possible cause for the murder, he spent the rest of the day hiding from the cops. During the same evening, Diaz hid in a laundromat called the Big Apple, where he was asked to leave the shop by one of the workers, Arlen Ploog. Diaz responded by punching Ploog in the stomach and slapping him around a bit, before one of the customers informed him that he was on the store's video camera. Before running out of the store, Diaz warned Ploog not to call the cops, and he didn't.


After confirming that Diaz was the one who murdered Danny, and finding out he was staying at his cousin's house, Ackerman waited by his house until he left. The second Ackerman flashed his badge, Diaz started shooting and began to run away from the detective. Ackerman pursued Diaz for a short period of time until he arrived in an alleyway. Diaz attempted to kill the detective once he was blinded by a piece of newspaper and knocked over a can, but Ackerman reacted faster than he did, and he wound up shooting Diaz in the chest five times. However, Ackerman wasn't fortunate either; after the gunfight, a power line (which was damaged by a stray bullet) fell into a puddle of urine Ackerman was standing in, killing him.