The truck shortly before its payload spills.

That's it- that's the truck that's gonna kill everybody!
Kimberly to Officer Burke

This Log Truck, a flatbed truck from the film Final Destination 2, is the vehicle that causes the massive pile-up that results in the deaths of several motorists. As it was driving along the highway, the chain supporting the logs snapped for no apparent reason, and all of the heavy logs bounced onto the road, creating a deadly crash. In Kimberly's vision, the truck screeches to a halt and Evan Lewis crashes his car into the gas tank, seemingly destroying the whole truck.

In reality, the truck spilled its contents, but since Lewis wasn't involved in the accident, the truck wasn't destroyed. It should be noted the the truck is a servant or bringer of Death, because all it does is cause death and kill people. It should also be noted that no driver is seen, throwing in the possibility that Death itself is controlling it.

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