You may be looking for Dr. Russ.

Officer Russ is a character in the novel Final Destination: Destination Zero. He is an LAPD officer who was at the scene of the South Hill Metroline bombing. On patrol with his partner, Russ heard a loud commotion going on near one of the platforms and rushed down a set of stairs to go investigate. One of the two officers asked what was going on and Al Kinsey told the officers that Patti said a bomb was going to go off, and that her boyfriend had just punched him in the face and that he was going to press charges against him. Suddenly, a bomb went off inside the subway and due to the blast recoiling, several of the passengers inside the subway were injured.

After the bombing, Russ was briefly seen by Patti hauling his wounded partner out of the subway, and he himself went over to an ambulance to receive medical attention. Later that day, two ATF officers named Jim Castle and Tony Chang questioned him while he pressed a bag of ice on his head. Russ responded by saying he saw a disturbance in the subway and said a woman was shouting out a bomb was going to explode, shortly before her prediction came true.

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