Salon Dante
Salon Dante
Salon Dante

Salon Dante is a salon where Samantha Lane dies.

The Final Destination

Samantha Lane arrives at Salon Dante at 5:50 (17:50) on 8 January 2009, her children start chucking stones at a sign that right outside the salon to see if they could hit it, which Samantha disliked. After giving money to her children for playing video games, Samantha went in the salon alone. The receptionist, Cheyenne told Samantha that her hairdresser Richard was off, because someone was dragged down on the street and killed where he lived yesterday. Cheyenne also told Samantha that they would closed soon, but Samantha still wanted to had her hair cut, so Cheyenne let her in. Dee Dee and a Pedicurist were the two who staying late for Samantha, and Dee Dee had a wonderful hair-cut for her. When Samantha was leaving Salon Dante, she was unaware that the stones landed in the grass very close to a lawnmower in motion. The driver of the lawnmower ran right over the stone and it was shot through the exhaust pipe. Samantha looks forward and the rock flies through her eye and out the back of her head, making her children cry and the staff shout loudly in horror as she falls to the floor and dies.

Opening time

According to what listed on the front door and Cheyenne's word, Salon Dante opens at 10:00am to 6:00pm everyday, and closed on Monday. This also hints to the fact that someone will die there, as Military Time for 6:00 P.M. is 18:00.


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