Saul is a character in the novel Final Destination: End of the Line. He is a medical student who works at the same hospital as Kate Shelley. Saul sat down next to Kate one day at a McDonald's that had been installed inside the hospital and informed her that Dr. Wantman had conducted an investigation regarding the culprits who participated in a recent Sux Racing game. Although Kate tried to end the conversation so she wouldn't reveal to Saul that she took part in it, Saul asked her if she played the game before telling her that he was just joking. He then asked what she was doing later that night, and she told him she was spending more time with Brad, before leaving after Saul suggested she break up with him. Saul later appeared during one of Wantman's rounds, telling Kate that she was late again, and that a huge guy was looking for her.

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