Sean Reilly is a character in the novel Final Destination: Destination Zero. He is a terrorist who is partially responsible for the South Hill Metroline bombing. Sean used to be with Provisional IRA back in the 1980s in order to raise money from US funds to acquire and use Stinger missiles. He later escaped the US and went back to his home country Ireland and became a member of a splinter group called IRAX. He was later exiled from Ireland and given a death sentence should he returned (supposedly he tried to assassinate members of the Sein Finn party and the President of Ireland). Since then, Reilly wasn't heard of, until he found exiled terrorists Dan Hoffman and Leon Khalid. He conspired with the two to blow up a train in a subway to make it look like a terrorist attack in order to extract several millions of dollars from the FBI.

The FBI didn't comply with their demands and were later discovered by the FBI, ATF, and SWAT soldiers at a Van Nuys Airport hanger. Upon hearing the choppers overhead, Sean panicked and the terrorists decided to flee. While Khalid and Hoffman were gunned down, Reilly made his escape by motorcycle, rushing past all the officers. An ATF officer named Jim Castle chased after the terrorist via motorbike and Reilly attempted to stop him by any means, including causing a massive traffic jam with a hand grenade. Reilly abruptly turned around after the highway he was on was blocked by armored tanks and he ran into Castle again. Both of them gunned their motorcycles towards each other until Castle purposely slid his bike along the road and made it crash into Reilly's, making him tumble and crash. Castle immediately took Reilly into custody.

Reilly later appeared in a dream Patti had and gave her a clue that her boyfriend, Will Sax, was next on Death's list. Her attempts to rescue him were futile, and she found his body full of razor-sharp CDs and DVDs.

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