Sergei (or Serge; his name wasn't specified) is a character in the novel Final Destination: Looks Could Kill. He is the personal photographer of Chablis and is one of the casualties of the Coral Clipper accident.


As Sergei was taking pictures of a model aboard the yacht, the model waved out to sea in order to attract the attention of a man riding his cigarette boat. The man waved back at the model, but was momentarily distracted and noticed a manatee in front of his boat at the last second, swerving out of the way to avoid killing it. However, he is traveling so fast he is unable to stop his boat and ends up plowing into the Coral Clipper, creating an explosion that causes the ship to sink and kill everyone on board.

It was never specified how or even if Sergei died, but according to the news articles posted in the magazines and newspapers, everyone who stayed on the yacht when it sank died. Since Sergei was still on, it can be assumed that he died as well.


  • The name of the Pier the yacht departs from is Pier 13.
  • Shiraz feels the wind go cold shortly before getting off.

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