Steve is a character in the novel Final Destination: Dead Reckoning. He is a cab driver who used to be a stunt driver in Hollywood until he busted his knee and was laid off. Steve would always take his partner Vladi's taxi cab out during his night runs because he never wanted to risk damaging his own vehicle and paying for the damages. One night, after the Club Kitty accident, Jamie called a taxi cab to come over to his location, and Jessica Golden (who recently escaped from police custody) threw herself inside, along with Eric Prescott. After Steve introduced himself to the passengers and began to drive away from Jamie, Steve was pulled over by Officer Andy Adams, the same policeman who was chasing after Jess back at the station. Steve waited until the officer approached his car before speeding away and engaging in a chase. The driver managed to elude Adams with a 360-degree spin and Jess began to calm down when the sirens began to die in the distance. While passing a nearby gas station, Steve swore when a sudden motorcycle explosion totaled his car and set it on fire. The driver screeched to a halt before exiting the cab to check on the driver, giving Eric a thumbs-down when he realized he was dead. Steve opened the door for Jess (and began to wonder why she was handcuffed in the first place) before she walked over to the mangled corpse, shocked to realize it was the bouncer Sebastian Lebecque. Steve later cut off Jess's handcuffs with bolt cutters before calling a tow truck to haul Vladi's cab away.

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