Sue Flanders
Portrayed By
Full Name
Sue Flanders
Also Known As
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Cause of Death
Impaled by a forklift
Employee at the U.S. embassy stationed in Cancún
Garcia-Garcia - partner; Deceased
Carly Hagan; Unknown
Jake; Deceased
Bryan; Deceased
Matt; Deceased
Amanda; Deceased
Katie; Deceased
Kris; Deceased
Gino; Deceased
Jeremy; Deceased
Dreena; Deceased

Sue Flanders is a character in the comic Final Destination: Spring Break. She is an employee at the U.S. embassy stationed in Cancún and is one of the investigators of the Hotel Grand Tzolk explosion. After the explosion, Sue and Garcia-Garcia went over to Carly Hagan and asked how the explosion occurred, saying she had nothing to do with it and that she saw the explosion in a premonition. Sue doesn't believe her and warns her not the leave Mexico, as she and her friends are foreign tourists. The next day, Sue finds a sheet of paper that Carly dropped in the grass and is shocked to see it is the exact fire path the fire began, leading up to the explosion. She warns Carly and Bryan not to leave the city again.

After Kris, Katie and Gino died, Sue pulled a few strings so Carly and her friends could leave Cancún alive before the hurricane blocked the airports.


While standing on the jet bridge apologizing for the terrible time Carly and her friends had, a forklift driver has a heart attack with the forklift still in motion. Driving erratically, the forklift delves through the jet bridge and impales Sue in the back/chest, killing her instantly, shortly before Dreena and Jeremy died.


  • The plane the group intended to take to New York was Air Antigua - Flight 180.
  • Right before being impaled, Sue bids the group goodbye, finishing with "But at least now I know you'll be in a better place..."
  • The forklift number was 1

    Sue gets impaled by the forklift.

  • After the deaths at the airport, Carly opens her laptop in the hotel room and is horrified to discover a diagram showing a forklift crashing into a jet bridge.
  • The morning after the hotel explosion, Carly is wearing a shirt that reads, "Don't keep the faith."

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