Officer Terry Ferguson is a character in the novel Final Destination: Dead Man's Hand. He is an LVPD officer and the first office present at the scene of Danny Lavirra's murder. After arriving at the scene, Terry found Danny's mother sobbing and screaming over her son's death and called for more backup before informing Detective Ackerman and Detective Montoya about the murder. He later appeared at Imperial's tower shortly after Arlen Ploog was killed. Allie Goodwin-Gaines showed up and asked him what had happened. Ferguson (although clearly focusing more on Allie's breasts) told her some high-roller involved with the Merlin's Tower accident had died, not a moment before he got a call on his two-way radio saying Detective Ackerman had also died. Their deaths (as well as Shawna's) prompted Allie and Tom to leave town.

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