Tony is a character in the novel Final Destination: Dead Reckoning. He is one of the fatalities during the Club Kitty accident and is the lead guitarist for the rock band called The Vipers, led by Jessica Golden. As the band is performing on stage in front of hundreds of screaming fans, Jess has a premonition of the club collapsing due to a misfired bullet (later revealed to be from Marina Hewlett) which kills her and her band members, Tony being amongst the first ones to die. Tony is great friends with Jess and had played at several gigs in Los Angeles, playing at Club Kitty on more than one occasion.


After Jess has her premonition and tries to get everyone outside of the club, Tony drags her backstage and tries to comfort her, to no success. With no other option, the club manager asks Sebastian Lebecque, the bouncer, to escort her outside. Jess goes into a fit and starts to warn everyone to go outside, but Tony decides to stay in because he had to use the bathroom. Moments later, the club collapses and Tony is among those who died in the confusion.

In a dream she has sometime later Jess encounters Tony, and the other club survivors claimed by Death so far, in the entity's realm. Tony had his skull crushed in the collapse and was indeed impaled in the torso with a girder or some blunt object. Tony showed Jess that he could put his arm through a giant hole in his stomach and then waved to her, which nearly made Jess vomit.


  • In Jess' vision of the club collapsing Tony is killed when a girder impales him in the spine and kills him instantly.
  • On her way to the club Jessica Golden spots a homeless man nearby, doing his own spastic dance. Jess and the other survivors of the collapse would have several more encounters with this vagrant, who is implicated as having foreseen the club collapse along with Jess.
  • While waiting in line to get into the club Jess notices the "Enter Here" sign above the entrance has been defaced, with "Abandon fate, all ye who" having been scrawled on top of the sign.
  • Inside the club Jess is approached by Ben, who comments on how lame the club is. Jess agrees, responding by saying that taking TNT to the place and completely demolishing it would be an improvement.

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