Tony Augustino is a character in the novel Final Destination: Dead Man's Hand. He is the shift manager of the restaurant The Lady of the Lake and is the foul-mouthed boss of Aldis Escobar. After Aldis rode in one of the guests elevators at Merlin's Tower (which almost came out of socket and nearly plunged Aldis to his death) Tony began to chastise him, telling him he shouldn't have been riding in the guests elevators in the first place. The resulting confrontation leads to Tony nearly choking Aldis to death until he finally realized he'd wind up in jail for killing the waiter, so he let Aldis off with a warning, telling the man he'd warn maintenance to check out the elevator. However, later that night, Aldis died in a terrible car accident.


The night after Aldis's death Tony is walking towards Merlin's Tower when he sees something fall out of the night sky and smash into the windshield of a Hummer, resulting in a fatal car crash and explosion. Tony was knocked off his feet and went rolling down the garage ramp and he quickly rushed back to the surface to see what was going on. Tony looks up to see several people screaming as they fell from an elevator (the same one that almost killed Aldis; apparently maintenance never got around to fixing it) and watches in horror as all the people die and all the cars in the area are incinerated by falling debris. Tony hides in the garage as the entire elevator crashes to the street and onto a firetruck, killing several people in the area. Knowing he'd probably be blamed for the incident, Tony decides to leave, just as he sees a slab of concrete that looked to be the size of Texas plunge to the ground. Tony only manages to say, "Fuck me." before the concrete came down and crushed him to death.


While thinking of Escobar's death, Tony remembers the catch-phrase, "Sometimes you ate the bear; sometimes the fuckin' bear ate you."

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