Tony Chang is a character in the novel Final Destination: Destination Zero. He is the senior agent in charge of the LA field office of ATF, and Jim Castle's boss. After the South Hill Metroline bombing, Tony and Jim went over to the subway to investigate what happened, first asking a wounded officer if he saw anything suspicious. He told them that he saw a crazy woman shouting out that a bomb was going to explode, shortly before it actually did. After the incident, Chang and other senior members of various law enforcement branches in LA held a conference, where they watched a video of a masked terrorist demanding the release of the prisoners from Guantánamo Bay and Abu Ghraib, the American troops to be released from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan, the Russians to pull out of Chechnya, and one hundred million dollars to be deposited in offshore bank accounts. After hearing the request about the money, Jim realized that the terrorist wasn't Islamist or a religious fanatic, and merely someone who was eager to get paid.

After further investigation, Chang found the name of the terrorists, Sean Reilly, Leon Khalid, and Dan Hoffman. All of the terrorists were members of terrorist organizations that they either angered or disobeyed and were now living on the run, so they conspired together to blow up the train in order to force the government to give them money. They didn't comply with their wishes, and Chang and Castle eventually found the terrorists at Van Nyus airport. Along with a full assault team, Chang and Castle storm the hanger the terrorists are hiding in, where Hoffman and Khalid were killed. Chang stays behind to secure the rest of the hanger with the other officers while Castle gets on a motorbike and chases Reilly, eventually capturing him.

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