It's time to take you back to the past and meet the cast at the premiere of Final Destination 3 in 20006.

  • Texas Battle and Mary Elizabeth Winstead
  • The whole cast of Final Destination 3
  • Mary Elizabeth WinsteadGo to Mary Elizabeth Winstead
  • Ryan MerrimanGo to Ryan Merriman
  • Kris LemcheGo to Kris Lemche
  • Kris Lemche, Chelan Simmons, Gina Holden & James Wong
  • Sam Easton and his girlfriendGo to Sam Easton
  • Crystal Lowe, Gina Holden & Chelan Simmons
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Ryan Merriman
  • Texas BattleGo to Texas Battle
  • Crystal LoweGo to Crystal Lowe

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