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  • 2020dude

    Jesse's Death

    August 3, 2012 by 2020dude

    Zack and Trina go to Jesse's karate school. Construction on the roof loosens the lighting fixtures, and one of them falls and starts a fire. Fleeing the school, Jesse slips on some pebbles. At that point, a large light swings into a shatterproff window, knocking it loose and onto Jesse, fatally crushing him.

    • While at the train station, Will begins taking pictures of the survivors for fun. In Jesse's picture, a lightning bolt forms the vageue shape of a 2, signaling that Jesse will be the second casualty.
    • While driving to the school, Will sees leaves blow into the shape of a 2.
    • Will hears someone talking on their cell phone saying that their favorite soda is Crush.
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  • 2020dude
    • Will McLeod (visionary)
    • Trina Dixon
    • Olivia Staub
    • Jesse Waggner
    • Zack Major
    • Kimberly Taylor
    • Billy Taylor
    • Tommy Green
    • Adam Munro
    • Bobby Trainor
    • Aisha Hillard
    • Alicia Stevenson
    • Calvin Webber
    • Tanya Palmer

    Zack McLeod is boarding a train to New York when a vision warns him of a gruesome train crash that kills everyone. Bringing a group to safety, he and hs girlfriend Trina must figure out a way to cheat Death as it begins to reclaim the survivors.

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