• AlexRulz34

    Ok, well, here's how i think the Disaster SHOULD Occur... Note: I've added a little ideas, so, i really want your HONEST opinion.

    Year 1996, Ethan Moore stood proudly alongside his Wife, Jane Goodwin, as they constructed On the Branded Hotel. Ethan: Coming Along Nicely. Jane: Might even finish it Today. Ethan: Oh, ho. Don’t get your hopes up. Man: ETHAN! JANE! NEED YOU INSIDE! Jane: All right, let’s go see what “Big Man” has got for us today. (Ethan Chuckled and they both went into the room that would be the Grand Bedroom in the future. “Big Man” name was Robby, Ethan’s Boss who works at the Construction Site.) Rob: All Right, Ethan, you take the Left Side of this room, and Jane will handle the Windows. Got It? Ethan and Jane: GOT IT! (Behi…

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