Probably my biggest pet peve about FD4. Not that I didn't like it, (it actually was my favorite out of all 4). But I really didn't see too many connections with FD1, 2, and 3 that could have made it a PROPER sequel, rather than just showing X-rays of the deaths past movies.

  • Didn't have Tony Todd.
  • Fourth death had nothing to do with decapitation.
  • First death wasn't the most elaborate. (Nadia, not Carter)
  • References to "180" are not 'out in your face' obvious.
  • Had no characters referenced from past films.
  • Had no 'out in your face' obvious references to previous films disasters.
  • Comedic tone instead of dark tone.
  • Didn't mention wether or not Kevin, Wendy, and Julie survided or not (unlike FD3 did with Kimbery & Burke, and FD2 did with Alex.)

{But hopefully FD5 will connect with the past films, especially considering that William Bludworth will be in it.} Now I may just be nitpicking, but hey. Also, please leave some comments, I'd LOVE to hear your guys' opinions. =)

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