800px-FD Flight Survivors

Flight 180 Survivors(from left to right): Ms. Valerie Lewton, Billy Hitchcock, Carter Horton, Terry Chaney, Clear Rivers, Alex Browning and Tod Waggner.


Route 23 Pile-up Survivors(from left to right): Kimberly Corman, Timothy Carpenter, Nora Carpenter, Rory Peters, Eugene Dix, Kat Jennings and Officer Thomas Burke. (Note that survivor Evan Lewis is absent from the cast shot since he was being interrogated in the other room beside them).

2006 cheating death final destination 3 004

Devil's Flight Survivors(from left to right): Wendy Christensen and Kevin Fischer.


Devil's Flight Survivors (from left to right): Lewis Romero, Ian McKinley and Erin Ulmer.


Devil's Flight Survivors(from left to right): Perry Malinowski, Frankie Cheeks and Julie Christensen. (Note that Amber Regan is not on a Devil's Flight therefore she's not on the Death's list and not a survivor and also survivors Ashley Freund and Ashlyn Halperin are absent in the separate group shot since the remaining survivors attend their funeral because of their freak Tanning bed accident).


McKinley Speedway Survivors(from left to right): Carter Daniels, Hunt Wynorski, Janet Cunningham, Lori Milligan, Nick O'Bannon, Nadia Monroy, Andy Kewzer, Jonathan Grove and Samantha Lane. (Note that survivor George Lanter is absent at the whole audience and survivors shot since he is a security guard of the speedway and wonders around and also Cynthia Daniels is one of the casualties in McKinley Speedway accident since her husband tells her to stay put while confronting Nick and the others).

Final Destination 5 image-14

North Bay Bridge Survivors (from left to right): Isaac Palmer, Nathan Sears, Sam Lawton, Olivia Castle, Molly Harper, Candice Hooper, Peter Friedkin and Dennis Lapman (Note that the other passengers that were not mentioned in the photo were the Presage Paper's employees who died in that tragedy).

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