KATIE LAWTON - The Main Protagonist. She had a vision that the Lawton Hotel was on fire. She is related to Sam Lawton. Katie is potrayed by Emma Roberts. She is the 11th survivor to die.

JANE MCDONALD - Katie's 2nd Best Friend and a Goth, like Erin. She is friends with Nick O'Bannon. Jane is potrayed by Taylor Momsen. She is the 7th survivor to die.

JULIE PORTMAN - The Main Antagonist. She hates Katie. Julie is potrayed by Alexa Vegas. She is the 10th survivor to die.

ERICA REESE - Katie's 1st Best Friend. She is very popular girl in school and the greastest. Erica is potrayed by Shanica Knowles. She is the 9th survivor to die.

JARED COOPER - Katie's 3rd Best Friend. He had a crush on Katie ever since preschool. Jared is potrayed by Daniel Radcliffe. He is the 4th survivor to die.

TOMMY FINKLE - Katie and Julie's Boss. He is very intellgant and always care for Katie. Tommy is potrayed by Dennis Quaid. He is the 8th survivor to die.

PENNY FLICK - Katie's teacher in her work. She didn't die in Katie's vision. Penny is potrayed by Katherine Heigl.

RICHARD LAWTON - Katie and Sam's father. He is mad at Katie when she had that vision. Richard is potrayed by Will Forte.

LILY LAWTON - Katie and Sam's mother. She loves Katie and treats her better than her husband. Lily is potrayed by Katherine McPhee.

WILLIAM BLUDWORTH - A Mysterious Guy who tells Katie about Death. William is potrayed by Tony Todd.

JAMES PITTMAN - A famous writer and Katie's idol. James is potrayed by Hugh Jackman. He is the 3rd survivor to die.

TREEQ FREDRO - Hakeem's brother. Treeq is potrayed by Tyrese Gibson. He is the 5th survivor to die.

HAKEEM FREDRO - Treeq's brother. Hakeem is potrayed by Lamont Bedly. He is the 6th survivor to die.

LARRY FORT - The Head Chef of Lawton Hotel. Katie always goes to the kitchen to tastes his foods. Larry is potrayed by Kevin Costner. He is the 2nd survivor to die.

CARLOS DEAN - The Repair of the Lawton Hotel. He always tells jokes to Katie. Carlos is potrayed by Robbie Jones. He is the 1st survivor to die.

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