Here's my Final Destination 6. I'll put William Bludworth in it as well. It takes place before Final Destination 3 and The Final Destination. Here's my main character which is a female, Katie Lawton. She is living with her mother and father and her brother died in Flight 180.


Katie had a vision that the Lawton Hotel was on fire and got Erica Reese, Jane McDonald, Jared Cooper, Tommy Finkle, Julie Portman, Penny Flick (She did not die in the Premanition), Carlos Dean, James Pittman, Larry Fort, Treeq and Hakeem Fredro out of there.


Carlos Dean-27 Years Old

Larry Fort-48 Years Old

James Pittman-35 Years Old

Treeq Fredro-26 Years Old

Hakeem Fredro-24 Years Old

Penny Flick-23 Years Old

Tommy Finkle-37 Years Old

Julie Portman-28 Years Old

Jared Cooper-17 Years Old

Jane McDonald-15 Years Old

Erica Reese-16 Years Old

Katie Lawton-17 Years Old

Seen the Other Final Destination Survivors

Carlos Dean has been friends with Thomas Burke

Larry Fort hires Olivia Castle for the cooking, but she quit

James Pittman is Billy Hancok's neighbor

Treeq and Hakeem Fredro are great friends with Rory Peters

Tommy Finkle's roomate from colleage is Dennis Lapman

Julie Portman is schoolmates with Clear Rivers

Jared Cooper is Wendy's neighbor

Jane McDonald is a good friend of Nick O'Bannon

Erica Reese is one of Eugene's students

Katie Lawton is Sam Lawton's sister


Original Order

Carlos Dean-Larry Fort-James Pittman-Jared Cooper-Treeq Fredro-Hakeem Fredo-Jane McDonald-Tommy Finkle-Erica Reese-Julie Portman-Katie Lawton-Penny Flick

Final Order

Carlos Dean-Larry Fort-James Pittman-Treeq Fredro-Hakeem Fredro-Penny Flick-Tommy Finkle-Julie Portman-Katie Lawton-Jared Cooper-Erica Reese-Jane McDonald