Clip 1:

David is leaving the uncle's house, to go to the bus station.

- Yes uncle Nora, I have already the ticket!

- Oh my son, a good trip. Your parents and your sister were very proud now.

David turns back to Nora:

- My... sister?

Clip 2:

To Louise (his friend), in the bus station:

- Going in vacance to?

- Well yes, let's see if Death don't stop me!

- Ooooh, I don't think so! (smile)

Clip 3:

Jake and his friends leaves the bus, in panic. David don't understand why and ask to Louise:

- What is happening?

- Oh nothing, he is saying that he have a premonition that this bus is going to explode. Is getting very popular now, guys saying that stupid...

David runs to the door, and screams in panic to the bus driver:

- Open the door please!!

- I'm sorry son, anyone leave the bus, just in next station!

David looks to down, in horrible face. And the fire begins...

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