There are some comercial songs that's don't in the original soundtrack.


4 (url of main musics):

"Don't You Know" - by Ali Dee and the Deekompressors

"Faraway" - by Dara Schindler

"Dream of Me" - by Perfect

"The Stoop" - by Little Jackie

"Sweet Music" - by Garrison Hawk

"Corona and Lime" - by Shwayze

"Make You Crazy" - by Brett Dennen

3 (url of main musics):

"Smokin" – Performed by Boston

"Amos Moses" – Performed by Jerry Reed

"New York City" – Performed by the Statler Brothers

"One Step Foward" – Performed by The Dessert Rose Band

"Bed of Roses" – Performed by the Statler Brothers

"Turn" – Performed by Eddie Rabitt

"I love a rainy night" – Performed by Eddie Rabitt

"Make the world go away" - Performed by Mickey Gilley

"Tribal Dance" - Performed by 2 Unlimited

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