The disaster happens in a low cliff, nearby a lighthouse. Person 1 goes to there with more 2 persons. Person 2 and Person 3 goes to the lighthouse (it very high) and #1 go to see the boats. A big boat appears with a rich party on them. The capitain sends to put the music higher and to put some lights to, but the day was sunny. The employee do that and put the highest possible sound and put to some lights. There's is a box with some scissors up to the stereo sound, and the sonud's vibration shakes it. The box falls and hit on the general framework, putting off. The stereo sound and the lights violently explodes and the boat take out of control. The boat hit the cliff and make the stones fall. The cliff dangers to fall and P1 ran over and screams to P2 and P3, that was on the lighthouse. They ran to the exit but a flight of stairs had fell and they need to jump. P3 don't jump well and fall to the other stage, breaking is spine and head. P3 reaches the door, where is P1. But they can't open... The flag's mast of the boat broke the semi-destroyed roof quickly and violently "slice" P2 in two half. P1 screams and go to upstrairs to jump to the ground. She/he can but she/he slip by a rock algae and smash her/his head in another rock.

P1 wake up and see the boat closing. Various aactions happen like her/his premonition and they take P2 and P3 out of the lighthouse... and the disaster happened. P1 save another persons from the lgihthouse that she/he saw dying in the premonition.

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