Randall decides go to a park with Sarah, where a sprinkler irrigation system is working. They sit on the bench and they talk about their life.

Louise calls to Bludworth by the number appearing in the computer. Bludworth answer the call:

- Yes?
- William Bludworth? My name is Louise...
- Louise Windsor.
- How do you now my name?!
- Please miss Windsor, there's other things you should know.

In the park, Sarah and Randall starts talking about the Concordia's beach disaster. And they think the same: Louise doesn't had saw a premonition. Louise had already know that a boat was hitting the cliff. But why them that she saved?

- You are saying that the survivors are gonna die?

- Oh miss Windsor, I think death is reaching one survivor.

- And who is?

A tap of the irrigation system starts shaking and the tap is very close to the bench where Randall and Sarah are sit. Suddenly, the water from the pipes quickly goes to the taps and the shaking one is almost thrown...

- Randall Young?! Is he that will die?

- If you remember very well your premonition, is he. - And Bludworth offs the call.

Louise, with afraid, calls Randall.

Randall's phone rings with a song: "So were are moving to a lighthouse, you and I, while seas..." and Sarah's says:

- Hey dude, what a stupid song you have there!

- I'd never listen this!

Randall sees that is Louise calling and we want to ignore.

- Who is it? You not awsner the call? - Sarah takes the phone to her and awsner.

- Randall?! - Louise screams.

- Oh no baby, it's Sarah's darling.

- Where is Randall? Is he ok?!

- Hey, stop screaming. He is sit with me in the park.

- Please, get out of there! Randall will die there!

- Excuse me?

- Sarah, what Louise wants? - Ask Randall.

Sarah offs the call and says: - She was saying that you gonna die here. What a stupid thing!

- Really... I'm gonna die here? In this moment?

- Well... yes. Randall, I think death is behing you. - And Sarah laugh.

A scream is heard background the park and Randall and Sarah looks back to see. Is when the loose tap is violently thrown with a scary speed right into Randall mouth and noise, and the sharp tip impales his face. The pipe where the tap was thrown water sorely and hit Randall and Sarah. The tap in Randall face moves and tears his face. The tap also tears his eyes. Sarah's screams seeing the mangled face of Randall.

Bludworth calls Louise and say: Yeap you're right, your first survivor is dead.

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