Many people ask about the frenetic fans of Final Destination. To me (that i'm too a frenetic fan) there's no explication for that. We like the movies we want, and one of them is FD, or i'm wrong? Since 12 that I saw FD2 (I start by that) and I don't explain... Us (fans from FD), we see the all saga, and we see again, and we stop at any minute to see anything, a clue or something! Then we make our movies, thinking we are there, in a imaginable place! Is not that? You now don't are so impatient for Final Destination 5 DVD? And before that, you don't "explode" of happiness when you note that FD5 will be realised? And a lot of things, but the main answer is that we don't now why to be a fan, is just we love it!

True or false?

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