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  • Cloverfield monster

    I'm having an idea for a FD video game. I'm planning to show Fantendo wiki it, but first I want to see the ACTUAL FANS' opinion. Here goes. Hope you like it.

    Death is just setting in motion a disaster: An enormous tornado tearing apart Dallas: It does, but a few survive. When Death finds out, he is not pleased. So, he grabs his scythe and takes off on a rampage of destruction like no other.

    Basically, YOU CONTROL DEATH(aka The Grim Reaper). Basically, your job is to kill people and come up with various ways to kill them. You can also go on a killing rampage in COMPLETELY destructible enviroments and kill people like a complete maniac in the rampage. OR, if you want to earn MORE points, you can come up with strategies to kill these people. An…

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