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    Whats with the Song?

    September 30, 2012 by Commander Starter

    In the movie The Final Destination, after the accident at MiKinley Speedway, racist Carter Daniels, wants to burn a cross on Security Gaurd George's lawn, after the Gaurd prevents him from going back to the stadium, to save his wife. But then gets dragged down the street and blown up by his own Towtruck. The thing that makes him go back to the truck, is a Lucky Horseshoe, which falls off the Rear-View mirror, hitting the radio dial, causing music to blare down the street. The song that playes is Why can't we be friends?. I have figured out why that song played. Because Carter was a rasist, the song warned him to turnback, and forgive George, because he was just doing his job. But he didn't listen, getting him blown up and landed in Victim's …

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