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  • Crispycol

    This is the script of my Final Destination 6.

    Watch here the plot of Final Destination 6 and here the trailer!

    All the death's will be shown but then in GCI animation in the order of how I have them in this blog.

    inside of the ski-lockers

    Denzel: Are you guys ready for the piste?

    Yoona: I am, Kaith?

    Kaithlyn: I..can't..fasten this ski-shoe.

    Denzel: I'll help.

    (fastends the shoe for Kaith)

    Kaithlyn: Okay, then I'm also ready to go!

    (Mikey walks by along with Tom, Jason and Yasmine and slams Denzel on the back of his head)

    Denzel: ouch! Well, let's go.

    (they walk in the lobby towards the skipiste)

    (Kaithlyn sees the broken mirror on the ceiling of the lobby)

    (She sees a sign wich says:" Personal Cabins 35 $, the cabin can sometimes have mice")

    Yoona: Kait…

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  • Crispycol

    Watch here the script of my Final Destination 6, here the plot of Final Destination 6 and here the trailer!

    37) Hunt Wynorski

    36) Agent Jim Block

    35) Jonathan Groves

    34) Nick O'Bannon

    32) Clear Rivers & Eugene Dix

    33) Carter Daniels

    31) Alex Browning

    30) Lori Milligan

    29) Kimberly Corman & Thomas Burke

    28) Andy Kewzer

    27) Brian Gibbons

    26) Evan Lewis

    25) Train 081 including: Wendy Christensen , Julie Christensen and Kevin Fischer

    24) Carter Horton

    23) Peter Friedkin

    22) Dennis Lapman

    21) Ian McKinley

    20) George Lanter

    19) Lewis Romero

    18) Nadia Monroy

    17) Kat Jennings

    16) Nora Carpenter

    15) Valerie Lewton

    13) Tim Carpenter

    14) Tod Waggner

    13) Candice Hooper

    12) Frankie Cheeks

    11) Isaac Palmer

    10) Flight 180 including: Sam Lawton, Molly Harper and Nathan Sears

    9) Per…

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  • Crispycol

    Cole Michaelis is a character from Thecakeking's Final Destination 6 story.

    Cole is a large guy with brown hair and bright blue eyes and white skin. He mostly wears casual clothes. He is the oldest character in the story since he also drives his own car. Cole is a very mature guy most of the time but he can also be very childish and sarcastic. He has no religion but does believes when he dies that he will get a new life. He works as an accountant and is a very succesfull man.

    Kelly Summers (Girlfriend, Deceased)- Appearanly was involvd in the bus accident when heading home. She was holding on the door pillar of the bus when suddenly the bus door closed an bisected her.

    Dennis Summers (Boss/ Brother-in-Law)- Alive

    Jake Christenen (Friend, Deceas…

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  • Crispycol

    Final Destiation 6 trailer

    September 12, 2011 by Crispycol

    A group of teens...

    (you see the children getting inside of the areal tramway)

    ...don't know it is their time.

    (the aerial tramway stops moving)

    Kaithlyn: When was the last time this thing was checked?

    Denzel: Could be years maybe it's going to break and fall.

    Yoona: Shut up! You two know I can't take hights very good!

    Denzel: just kidding....

    (you see them inside and the aerial tramway stops causing most to fall)

    (most fall out, the aerial tramway fall on a tree, Tom is being throwed away)

    Kaithlyn: Stop....stop! This thing is going to fall!

    (Kaithlyn freaks out)

    Kaithlyn: We weren't supposed to survive that accident.

    Yoona: What do you mean?

    Kaithlyn: That were are going to die one (you see the cross falling from the church)

    for one (You see a lamp fal…

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  • Crispycol

    This movie plays 18 years after Final Destination 2 thus in 2018. Because Tom was born at 15 May 2000 and he is the son of Isabella and Marcus Hudson. It seems a bit far but that doesn't really matter to me.

    Watch here the script of my Final Destination 6, and here the trailer!

    • Name: Kaithlyn Hart

    Description: Kaithlyn is the main protaganist she is 18 years, she is in the last Grade of High School and she mostly is being called Kaith. She is a normal girl who fastly panics and she can be a bit bitchy, but seems to really care of the people around her. Death: She was crunched by the engine of the Cruise Ship. She is the 10th and last one to die. Portrayed by: Emily Browning

    • Name: Yoona Blossom

    Description: Yoona is one of the best friends of Ka…

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