A group of teens...

(you see the children getting inside of the areal tramway)

...don't know it is their time.

(the aerial tramway stops moving)

Kaithlyn: When was the last time this thing was checked?

Denzel: Could be years maybe it's going to break and fall.

Yoona: Shut up! You two know I can't take hights very good!

Denzel: just kidding....

(you see them inside and the aerial tramway stops causing most to fall)

(most fall out, the aerial tramway fall on a tree, Tom is being throwed away)

Kaithlyn: Stop....stop! This thing is going to fall!

(Kaithlyn freaks out)

Kaithlyn: We weren't supposed to survive that accident.

Yoona: What do you mean?

Kaithlyn: That were are going to die one (you see the cross falling from the church)

for one (You see a lamp falling over starting a fire)

Mikey: ...but is there is a way to survive?

(Tom aiming at someone with a gun)

Kaithlyn: I do thinks so...

(You see a collection skip hitting the front of a bus)

(then you see a broken mirror falling down, Arno throwing beer in the fire and the cross almost impaling Zoya)

(You see several items that appear during the kill that make the words:)

Final Destination 6

Watch here the script of my Final Destination 6, here the plot of Final Destination 6.

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