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Characters (Final Destination 6)

X means Deceased

  • Kaithlyn Browning X- Full name: Kaithlyn Yara Browning, Life:11 November 1988 - 20 November 2005, Profession: High School Student, Relationships: Arno (Father), Ellen (Stephmother), Colin (Brother X), Mikey- (Boyfriend), Denzel (Friend X)
  • Colin Browning X- Full name: Colin Peter Browning, Life: 24 May 1986 - 20 November 2005, Profession: High School Student, Relationships: Arno (Father), Ellen (Stephmother), Kaithlyn (Sister X), Mikey (Friend), Denzel (Friend X)
  • Mikey Boldhouse- Full name: Mikey Carlo Boldhouse, Life: -21 May 1988 - TBA, Profession: High School Student, Relationships: Shera (Mother X), Carlo (Father), Kaithlyn (Girlfriend X), Colin (Friend X), Denzel (Friend X)
  • Denzel van Turf X- Full name: Denzel Edwin van Turf, Life: 5 August 1986 - 14 November 2005, Profession: High School Student, Relationships: Joanne (Sister), Marrianne (Mother), Edwin (Fathe)r, Kaithlyn (Friend X), Colin (Friend X), Mikey (Friend), Scott (Friend X)
  • Shera Boldhouse X- Full name: Sheherazade Charlotte, Boldhouse Life: 21 October 1972 - 7 May 2005, Profession: Bus Driver, Relationships: Mikey (Son), Carlo (Ex-Husband), Carl (Colleague)
  • Yasmine Vuyk X-Full name: Yasmine Judy Vuyk, Life: 19 July 1986 - 7 May 2005, Profession: High School Student/ Musical Star, Relationships: Judy (Mother), Zoya (Best Friend X), Sanne (Friend X) Everlyne (Teacher)
  • Brendan Builderman X-Full name: Brendan Dennis Builderman, Life: 18 March 1986 - 6 May 2005, Profession: High School Student, Relationships: Mrs. Builderman (Mother), Damian (Friend), Dylan (Friend X)
  • Melle Falkirk X-Full name: Melle Arthur Falkirk, Life: 3 October 1984 - 5 May 2005, Profession: Kitchen Help, Relationships: Arthur (Father), Laura (Boss X)
  • Zoya Ostrich X-Full name: Zoya Clear Ostrich, Life: 13 September 1986 - 29 April 2005, Profession: High School Student/ Musical Star, Relationships: Rob (Father), Yasmine (Best Friend X), Sanne (Friend X), Everlyne (Teacher)

Story (Final Destination 6)

15 April 2005-Harbor: Kaithlyn won a trip to go on a cruise with her brother, they said goodbye to their father and stephmom and went onboard. There she first meets Mikey who also won the trip along with 23 other people, they went to the restaurant where also the other people were. When the ship left the captain set it on auto driver. When he went to the toilet a cup fell onto the control panel and caused the ship to lose course and crashed into a rock sticking out of the sea. The ship started to sink.

First Zoya and Yasmine fell backwards and went through the wall and Zoya crashed into the pillar on the deck that fell on Yasmine, allowing the others to escape. The rest run towards the save boats but the upper floor fell and crushed most of the people including Melle. When climbing upward the water starts to rise, and from above a fridge falls hitting Brendan and fell into the water. The other four now stand on a flat zone when another pillar fell splitting the ship with Mikey and Denzel on the left side and Kaithlyn and Colin on the other right side. Denzel jumped to the other side and the convinced Mikey also to jump but he didn't make it and fell down on the rock. They run to the last save boat but the floor breaks and Denzel fell in it. Kaithlyn and Colin made it to the last boat they step in and try to cut the rope but when one side is cut Colin loses balance and falls out of the boat leaving Kaithlyn alone who succeeds to get the boat on the water but when she wants to peddle away the ship explodes and right when the fire want to hit her she's back in the restaurant.

Kaithlyn starts to panic and says it is going to crash and she wants to go with Mikey following her, so Colin follows to. Then Denzel decides to check out what's wrong. Zoya and Yasmine begin to worry and follow them, Bredan's friend says to go follow them what's happining and Melle who works there is said by his boss to ask what's wrong. Then they all stand there with Shera coming to ask Mikey what's wrong and they see the Ship sink. Zoya turns around and Kiaithlyn sees that she's wearing a jacket promoting the musical she's in: I've Been On (I=1 B=8 O=0) And she get's a vision and sees a triangle that turns into a piramide that explodes into a lamp. He tells this to Colin and Mikey what Denzel hears and they decide to meet up when something is going to hapen. 29 April 2005-Theather Triangle: Zoya and Yasmine had a musical act and were there on stage with another girl named Sanne. A screw of a lamp started to come out that was right above Zoya. When Sanne came on stage she accidently bumped into a decor piece that fell and Zoya jumped away and the lamp fell on the ground. Then the curtains closed to repare the set and when the curtain opened a pin of it sliced across the rope that holded the beam of the lamps. Zoya, Yasmine and Sanne were on the stage when the rope begins to break and the beam comes loose hitting Zoya and Yasmine pushed Sanne to not get hit so it also killed her. Because Yasmine killed someone she get the days left for her.

5 May 2005-Browning House: she sees in the newspaper that Zoya and Sanne died in the musical play. Shee then decides to play a game when she picks up the game she gets a vision of the same game falling and a cupboad that falls creating the sign of Gamemanic, after that she decides to call Colin, Mikey and Denzel. Game Mania (game store): Melle is at the Game store with his older brother Ralph. While Ralph is trying to close a deal with the owner, Melle is looking for some games whenhe drops a large disc that drops on his foot and in response he kicks the cupboard and a piece breaks of it. After watching a few games it falls but he dodges and the cupboard hits an empty cupboard that does falls on him splitting his body in pieces.

6 May 2005-Browning House: Kaithlyn sees in the news paper that Melle died and someone is at the door, she opens the door and sees iMikey and Denzel. They are trying to discover in what order they die and see that they die in order of getting on the cruise, they first head towards the harbor with the car where they see a paper clipboard with the passengers and employees. They see that Zoya and Yasmine were there first and after that Melle came too late to work and that Brendan was next then Mikey, Denzel, Colin and then Kaithlyn. Kaithlyn sees a sign of a new construction in the city and get a vision that shows a drill drilling while changing into a pillar that breaks to the ground where a spike comes out.

They know that Brendan is at the new construction but the car doesn't start so they take the bus that Mikey's mom: Shera is driving. While riding towards the construction the bus is at a crossing when suddenly a truck (without a driver) rides into the front of the bus and killing Shera. Kaithlyn then is back before the crossway and he says to his mom to stop and she goes on the breaks, avoiding the truck and dead.

Construction Terrain: When they arrive at the construction they get out and see Brendan along with his friend Damian jumping on the roofs of the buildings. Damian jumps and is two buildings further. They yell to Brendan that he's going to die, but he doesn't believes it and jumps on the next roof. He says: "See it doesn't break or something, I'm not going to die!". He then jumps a few times more wich causes the pillars to shake and a drill falls and starts drilling and hits the other pillar that breaks and the platform breaks and he falls onto the spikes of the fence.

7 May 2005-Browning House: Kaithlyn, Colin, Mikey and Denzel are trying to figure out where Yasmine could be. Shera then says to them that she must go to her work and leaves. They find her adress on the internet and go to her house. Her mom opens the door and says she was going to Salon Dante

Salon Dante: Yasmine walks across the street towards the salon and bumps into Danny Wall who says she has beautiful hair, she thinks he's a creep and walks away. At the salon Cheyenne said she could go sit in the seat of the hairdryer. She asks Cheyenne if she can get some water. Cheyenne walks towards her but while she walks water springs out of the cup, and then gives it to her. Some water fell on the hairdryer that starts to crash and the propeller inside of it drops and cuts of the top of her head. Right when that happened the four came in and see a dead Yasmine sitting in the chair.The four walk outside and see bus driving by and Kaithlyn gets a vision of bus 180 and that benzine is falling and then a giant flame. They quickly head towards their car and drive towards the garage of the public transport comapany Conections.

Conections Garage: When Shera is going to park in the garage, Carl is tanking his bus (what he actually never does), when he's done he asks Shera to close when she's done and when saying that he doesn't notices that he spoils benzine on the floor, after saying that he leaves. Shera want to park her bus (180) but another bus is in her way and she goes to park that bus good first. She drives backwards but the bumper is loose and it is being dragged over the ground creating sparks that connect with the benzine that gets on fire and so as the bus Shera is in. She steps out right before it explodes and now other busses also get on flame. She cannot escape through the garage door so she's trying to break the door open but then her bus (180) explodes and the bus rams into her. After her death the four just arrive at the garage that is now almost collasped.

8 May 2005-Vissher Street: Kaithlyn, Colin, Mikey and Denzel just got back from the funeral when they walk back to the car. Kaithleyn gets a vision of a crane that drops something and a sign with the streets name on it falls. She then realize that they are on that street and that the crane above then is about to drop it's container on Mikey, but she quickly pulls him away and he avoids death again. They then think it's over because someone skipped death.

14 November 2005-Café Tasteless Bean: Mikey and Denzel were sitting at the café waiting for their order while Kaithlyn and Colin were looking around in Goldstein's Hardware Store. mikey taunted to them that the coffee was there and Kaithlyn and Colin went out of the store, suddenly an unmanned Camaro parked at the top of the hill rolled down and crashed into the front of the store, killing a woman and a man, and they were on the same place where Kaithlyn and Colin were but because Mikey called them (who is suppossed to be dead) they cheated again. When home they looked up on the internet the accident of those two people. They found out that they were survivors of the route 23 Pile-up. They click on a link of weird accidents and also see the accident of Flight 180 and the Devil's Flight, and they also think that they broke the chain since everyone has skipped death for the second time. Colin suggest that they all go to the McKinley Park on 20 November (now they also know it's save there), but Denzel says he already has plans then to go to a soccer game.

20 November 2005-Train Station: Denzel and his friend Scott are waiting along with many other soccer fans at the train station ready to get in Train 081. When stepping in the train Denzel sees Wendy, Julie, Laura, Sean and Kevin and reconizes Wend, Kevin and Julie from the Devil's Flight survivors. Then the Train crashes and he first sees Scott falling out along with many other people, then he sees Julie dying, then Kevin and then he lies in the train thinking he's the onlyone alive (not knowing that Wendy also still is alive) and stands up trying to find a way out until he sees Train 053 coming in killing Wendy and the killing him.

McKinley Park: Kaithlyn, Mikey and Colin arrived in the park were they walk across a closed Devil's Flight Rollercoaster, Kaithlyn sees a bus from Conection stopping and people step out, she sees an add for Salon Dante and then she sees another Gamemanic. Suddenly a piece of the rail breaks of the Devil's Flight and a rollercoaster car starts rolling and goes of the rails and hits the Falkirk Wheel wich then falls on Mikey but Colin pushes him away and instead he dies. A car of the Falkirk Wheel shoots out and hits a dam wich causes the water to come out, and the park to flows over. Kaithlyn and Mikey hold each others hand and Mikey grabs onto a pillar sticking out of the water. Suddenly the rollercoaster car comes and bashes into Kaithlyn and splits her body up. Shortly after that the water starts to lower and only Mikey is left. Mikey is bending over the dead Kaithlyn and lets a tear fall, until people come to calm him down.

11 September 2009-At this time Mikey is supposed to die along with other people but someone else got a vision and because he knows about it he also escapes.

Characters (Final Destination 7)

  • Mikey Boldhouse X- Full name: Mikey Carlo Boldhouse, Life: -21 May 1988 - TBA, Profession: High School Student, Relationships: Shera (Mother X), Carlo (Father), Kaithlyn (Girlfriend X), Colin (Friend X), Denzel (Friend X)
  • Daisy Restad X- Full name: Daisy Janet Restad, Life: 9 July 1985 - TBA, Profession: Waitress at a bar, Relationships: Yoona (colleague/best friend X), Trent (boyfriend X)
  • James Conner X- Full name: James Leopold Conner, Life: 18 December 1984 - TBA, Profession: Mr. Maurits' Personal Driver, Relationships: Mr. Maurits (boss X)
  • Yoona Blossom X- Full name: Yoona Tiffany Blossom, Life: 30 May 1985, Profession: Bartender, Relationships: Daisy (colleague/best friend X)
  • Chad Vandeler X- Full name: Chad Vandeler, Life: 8 April 1985 - TBA, Profession: Dealer, Relationships: Trent (deal partner X)
  • Eugene Maurits X- Full name: Eugene Adolfo Theodore Maurits, Life: 1960 - TBA, Profession: Hotel Owner, Relationships: James (driver X)
  • Cindy Smith X- Full name: Cindy Lillian Smith, Life: 28 Februari 1981 - TBA, Profession: Signer (rock), Relationships: none
  • Rianne Flyer X- Full name: Rianne Maria Flyer, Life: 5 June 1983 - TBA, Profession: Journalist, Relationships: Bob (colleague)
  • Cilan R. X- Full name: Cilan R., Life: unknown - TBA, Profession: unknown, Relationships: unknown
  • Nigel Gibbons X- Full name: Nigel Gibbons, Life: 13 Januari 1984, Profession: unknown, Relationships: Brian Gibbons (cousin X) Peter Gibbons (uncle) Mrs. Gibbons (aunt)

Story (Final Destination 7)

11 September 2009-Hotel Maurits- Daisy works in a bar called: Windows Worlds that is located at the 23rd and 24th floor. She works there with her best friend Yoona and her day was almost finished so her boyfriend Trent and his friend Trent went to pick them up, but they first had to close a deal with Bart. In the air was a plane but the pilot lost control over it and crashed into the building. The plane crashed right into the 23rd floor and hit Trent, Chad and Bart. The rest quickly run towards the stairs while Cilan decides to take the elevator. When walking of the stairs the stairs breaks and Cindy almost falls but Nigel grabs her hand. Meanwhile the elevator stops and the door on a floor goes open and a piece of a window cuts through the rope and the elevator rams onto the ground killing Cilan. Nigel was holding Cindy but she slips out of his hands and falls onto a piece of glass that was sticking out. The piece where Nigel was standing on also broke and he fell down but could grab a bar. Meanwhile the rest were running on the stairs, and the upper floors started to break and fell on top of Rianne causing the rest of the stairs to break and they jump to the side of the building and climb downwards. But Eugene grabs miss and falls down on the floor. Daisy, Yoona, James and Mikey jump on the floor and run towards the exit. Suddenly Nigel who was still haning loses grip and falls down causing another wall falls from behind and crushed Yoona and James. Daisy and Mikey were left and the floor starts to crumble and Mikey falls from the building onto the limo of Eugene. The whole building then collaspes and right before she dies she's back in the bar.

Daisy then says that a plane is going to crash into the building and it is going to collaspe. Mikey stands up and says that it is true. Daisy takes Yoona with her and Mikey follows, James says to Eugene that it is best for him that he also leaves. Daisy yells to Trent to come with her, but he says that he ha sto make this deal and says to Chad to go with her. Nigel also decides to follow her but bums into Cilan who gets mad and follows him. The security of Cindy tells to go while they check if it is safe. And Rianne follows them to interview them. Outside they see the building collasping and Rianne says if they all want to go to the studio the next day to get interviewed.

12 September 2009-Channel 4 Studio: Everyone went to the studio where Rianne interviewed with them. Daisy said that she saw a vision of what happened and Mikey told that this also happened to him. After the interview Daisy, Yoona and Chad decided to go to the funeral. There they met Eugene with his driver James again. Eugene doesn't cares about the dead people only because of the lost of his hotel. Then William Bludworth came and explained something to them about dead. And that if they kill someone they take your place for awile. Daisy, Yoona and Chad went home and searched for some disasters similair to this one. They eventually find the accident of the Cruise Ship and that Mikey was involved with that one.

13 September 2009-the Mall: Chad went to the mall to deal again, he went towards to the back of the mall where nobody came. Meanwhile Daisy and Yoona discover that there is an order of how the people will die, Daisy and Yoona turned on the television and say a report form Rianne on tv about the accident. And when the plane crashed into the building Daisy saw Trent, Bart and Chad before getting hit in that corner, so she knew that Chad was the first one, and called him. Meanwhile at the mall Chad up with the escalator but someone who was already up throwed a paper on the ground that was blown by the wind in the escalator and so it crashed. Then the escalator begin to break and the people ran away with only Chad on it now, then his mobile starts to rung playing Rocky Mountain High. The whole escalator now broke and Chad holded the rail but that suddenly started to move, he then lost his grip and fell into the escalator. (kind of like Lori in the final destination). When he was dead the mobile of Daisy also stopped calling.

14 September 2009-Biker's Club: Cilan was at his biker club: The Spikes. After he hanged out with his gang he went towards home. Meanwhile Daisy and Yoona also found out that Cilan was next and tried to figure out where he was. Yoona said that she gave him his order and he weared a leather coat with the name of his biker club on it The Spikes. So Daisy and Yoona quickly drove to the club when they were there they said that Cilan already left. Meanwhile Cilan was riding on the road very rude like ride through red light ignore stop signs and pass cars from the right. A man who just came out of a hardware store came with a giant box filled with planks etc. suddenly he dropped the box and a spike rolled out onto the street. Cilan then drove over the spike and flew of his bike against a wall and another car drove over the spike and losed control and rammed into Cilan.

Café Maurits- That night Daisy and Yoona went to their work and they were replaced to another café. Eugene stepped into the café along with James. While Eugene went towards his office James sat down at the bar. Rianne was giving a report that Chad and Cilan had died, but that tonight Cindy was giving a concert at the park. Daisy said to Yoona that they had to go to there and James who heard it said he will also come but then Eugene walked in and said he isn't and is going to protect him.

Central Park- After there shift ended the girls went to the concert where they encounterd Mikey who was hoping they would come. They tried to get backstage to say to Cindy she's next but the security didn't let them in. Meanwhile Cindy already went on stage and began with her first number: Sweet Dreams. During the song the ropes that hold the start to break. Mikey convinced the man that it is about that she's going to die. The security then went on stage and said that there was someone to talk with her. Cindy then said to one of her security to stay on stage when suddenly the ropes broke and the beam felled onto the security (so Cindy got his life). They explained to Cindy the story and Cindy said that she now only will be somewhere with her security around her.

15 September 2009-Café Maurits: When Daisy, Yoona and Mikey were watching the tv in the café they zapped to channel 4, there they saw Rianne reporting and Daisy saw the death of Rianne. The three quickly headed to the studio. Eugene notices them leaving and decide to follow them along with James.

Channel 4 Studio: Rianne just finish her report about the accident at the concert and got into a conversation with her fellow reporter Bob. (during the conversation several hints can be seen of her death). Quickly after that she left home. Daisy, Yoona and Mikey appeared at the studio but Bob said to them that she already left for home. In the hallway of the studio they encountered Eugene and James. Eugene said to them that he wanted to kill them. James was shocked and tried to stop him but he slammed him with his stick and he fell into a corner. Eugene grabbed the top of his stick off where a sharp knife was sticking out. So he went in a battle with the three when Yoona slipped and fell Eugene tried to kill her but before that James shot him in his head (thus gaining his life).

Rianne's Appartment- When she was home she prepared diner, when done she walked to the living room but a fly was in her way and she spoiled some drink. She grabbed the electric fly-flap and slammed the fly dead, but the fly was still and it and the button to activate the fly-flap got stuck thus the fly-flap was still on and elecrutated the fly. She sat down and started to eat when she finished her diner and was standing up to bing her plate away, but suddenly the fly exploded and she got schocked dropped he plate and stepped backwards but the she slipped out over the spoiled drink and fell forover and came with the still on fly-flap that now was elecrutating her head. Meanwhile Daisy, Yoona, Mikey and James arrived at the department. Rianne was strugeling to get it of her face and was stepping backwards. When she got the fly-flap of her face she fell through her window and fell from the 4th floor down onto the streets in front of Daisy, Yoona, Mikey and James.

16 September 2009-Daisy's House: Daisy, Yoona, Mikey and James were thinking about who was the next one suposed to die. Mikey suddenly mentions that he saw two people die in a hardware store that weren't involved in the Cruise Ship accident, they were pulled into a wood chipper that a mr. Gibbons reserved. Daisy looks at the paper Mikey brought along and saw the dead of Nigel. They immidiatly went to the Gibbons Farm.

Gibbons Farm: When they arrived at the farm they saw the wood chipper standing in the open shed. They stepped out and went to the Gibbons. They told them that Nigel is next to die, they immidiatly go to seek him since the Gibbons know about it because of Brian. They find Nigel standing at the grave of Brian, they yelled at him to get away from there and suddenly is began to rain and lightning hit a tree that fell down on Nigel.

Right after that the Gibbons ran to him, while Daisy, Yoona, Mikey and James escape. Lightning almost hitted Yoona but Mikey pulled her away. They went inside of the car and drove away. Mikey said he was next to die since the one who gets the vision always die last. They that Daisy they stay with each other for the night at a hotel.

Freund Hotel- When they stayed at the hotel they stayed in a room on the second floor. They went to the restaurant to eat and when they were done they left but Mikey stayed to pay the bill. Suddenly a Collection Skip lost control and went on the breaks twisted and a metal plate shot out and went straight forwards and sliced Mikey's body in half (vertical)and his body fell that was 180 dollar. When Mikey didn't return Daisy, Yoona and James knew that he was dead. Then Daisy tried to commet suicide but when she jumped out the window, James grabbed her hand. and saved her. Then James and Daisy started to kiss while Yoona was watching.

10 Januari 2010-South Korea: Cindy invited Daisy, Yoona and James to go to her concert in South Korea. During the concert an accident happened when the pillars that were holding the top of the stage fell down and crushed the people on the sides, then the top of the stadium fel forwards crushing most of the people in the middle. Cindy said to Daisy, Yoona and James to come with her and escape when suddenly a gastank was launched in the air and fell onto a report van that says: Channel 4 in Koreans and it exploded killing Cindy and launched the other three back on the stage when the van also loops through the air and hits James, Daisy and Yoona only Daisy survived because she landed through the door but do was stuck, then the van exploded and she was back at the concert when it al happened again only now only the part is seen when it starts to collapses.

So my story shows the death of Kimberly and Thomas and also of Wendy, Kevin and Julie. It could be that Daisy, Yoona, James and Cindy survived but that is a secret. So hope you like it and don't forget to comment!

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