This is the script of my Final Destination 6.

Watch here the plot of Final Destination 6 and here the trailer!

Opening Credits

All the death's will be shown but then in GCI animation in the order of how I have them in this blog.

Before the accident- March 13, 2018

inside of the ski-lockers

Denzel: Are you guys ready for the piste?

Yoona: I am, Kaith?

Kaithlyn: I..can't..fasten this ski-shoe.

Denzel: I'll help.

(fastends the shoe for Kaith)

Kaithlyn: Okay, then I'm also ready to go!

(Mikey walks by along with Tom, Jason and Yasmine and slams Denzel on the back of his head)

Denzel: ouch! Well, let's go.

(they walk in the lobby towards the skipiste)

(Kaithlyn sees the broken mirror on the ceiling of the lobby)

(She sees a sign wich says:" Personal Cabins 35 $, the cabin can sometimes have mice")

Yoona: Kaithlyn, where are you with your mind?

Kaithlyn: Huh...Oh! Sorry was paying attention to something different.

Denzel: Come on the class is waiting for us.

Mount McKinley

Yoona: Where is Alessandra?

Alessandra: I'm right here!

(walks towards the three along with Zoya who was just putting her cross-word puzzle in her bag)

Zoya: I'll finish this later. Have you guys skied before?

Kaithlyn: Only for 3 years.

Yoona: First time I see snow.

Denzel: Since I was 4 years old. Hehe.

Yasmine: (shouts) Zoya come over here! Don't hang around with those losers!

Zoya: Sorry, I have to go.

Arno: Okay is everyone here?

(Arno is counting the kids)

Colin: Hey, Kaith.

Kaithlyn: Colin!

Colin: Let's get in.

Kaithlyn: Is it good if I just stay with my friends.

Colin: Okay, sure why not. It's not like you have to be with your brother the whole time. See you at the end!

Brendan: Mister, we are all here can we please go now.

Employee: Madam (to Tina Longleg) because of the huge crowd were opening another Aerial Tramway you're class can go in that one to.

Tina: Arno get the class in this one, and you were stopped with drinking right?

Arno: Okay class, everybody to that Aerial Tramway! (throws his beer away) Yes this was my last one.

Tina: Okay, just don't fire of when you are on the piste.

Arno: (laughs) No I won't.

(The employee goes inside of the house and turns the Aerial Tramway on, it says that the last time this thing was used was in 1999. When he turned it on he forgot that the safety system was off)

Kaithlyn: When was the last time this thing was checked?

Denzel: Could be years. Maybe it's going to break and fall.

Yoona: Shut up! You two know I can't take hights very good!

Denzel: Just kidding...

(everyone gets inside of the Aerial Tramway)

(Kaithlyn sees the word SNAP writen inside of the Aerial Tramway)

Yoona: Pfff....I hate these things, I have some feeling that things like this are going to fall.

(Brendan walks by while saying:)

Brendan: Imagine that you had to take the stairs to the top.

Tom: You know what level I am with "Call of Duty"?

Mikey: Your level doesn't matter I can beat you easily.

Jason: Everyone does.

(Arno dropped his clipboard)

Arno: Shit!

Yasmine: Fool.

Arno: Hey, Yasmine don't be so rude!

Yasmine: Yeez, what a hothead.

(Denzel was pulling on a scrab of his skin)

Yoona: If you do that it's going to bleed again, you know.

Denzel: Don't care.


(The Aerial Tramway starts moving)

Everyone: Whoohoo!!

(The aerial tramway stopped at 200m (660 ft) high. The people thought it was just an error. Because the safety system was off and the two steel cables crossed and the one severed the other. People now screamign in panic. The aerial tramway faced backwards and the back of the machine was broken off, the half of the people fell out only Kaithlyn, Mikey, Denzel, Yoona, Alessandra, Tom, Yasmine, Zoya, Arno, Brendan and Colin managed to grab onto something in the aerial tramway. The aerial tramway started to fall and caused a window to break, the shards flew into Zoya who then bashed into the door that fell open and she along with Yasmine fell out. Zoya landed on the ground dead and Yasmine bashed into a tree and droped dead. At 91m (300 ft) high the aerial tramway was impaled by the tree that also impaled Arno along with it. The aerial tramway was now still, Colin had a plan to climb on the side of the aerial tramway towards the tree and climb down. He hung onto the opening of the door when suddenly the door closed and decapitated him. The aerial tramway started to fall again and caused a rail of a bench to break and impaled Brendan in his head. The aerial tramway hitted a tree again and started to flip around. Shortly after that Tom couldn't hang on anymore and was thrown out, shortly to be followed by Denzel but he managed to hang on to the side of the machine. Suddenly a large shrapnel came off the machine and bisected him. They fell down normal but Alessandra losed grip and fell out. Then the aerial tramway landed on the ground and the tree fell down where Yasmine bashed into and landed on the aerial tramway crushing Yoona and Mikey. The tree landed on the engine that caused the thing to explode and burned Kaithlyn.)

Before the accident

(Kaithlyn looks around with big eyes)

Yoona: Pfff....I hate these things, I have some feeling that things like this are going to fall.

(Brendan walks by while saying:)

Brendan: Imagine that you had to take the stairs to the top.

Kaithlyn: What this, this sounds so fimaliar.

Yoona: Kaithlyn what's wrong.

Kaithlyn: I don't know I've seen this before.

(Kaithlyn sees the word SNAP writen inside of the Aerial Tramway)

Yoona: What do you mean?

Kaithlyn: Call of know that game?

Tom: You know what level I am with "Call of Duty"?

Mikey: Your level doesn't I can beat you easily.

Jason: Everyone does.

Kaithlyn: If I'm right Mr. Bacon drops his clipboard now.

(Arno dropped his clipboard)

Arno: Shit!

Yasmine: Fool.

Arno: Hey, Yasmine don't be so rude!

Yasmine: Yeez, what a hothead.

Kaithlyn: Denzel, don't pull on that scrab.

Denzel: How did you know I was going to do that.

Yoona: How do you know this?

Denzel: Yeah, it's really strange.

(Suddenly sees 180 on the jacket of the employee)

Kaithlyn: Stop!!! Stop!!!

Kaithlyn: This thing is going to fall!!

Colin: Calm down Kaith!

(Colin holds Kaithlyn's arms)

(Kaithlyn manages to get free, but slaps Yasmine in the face)

Yasmine: You bitch!

Mikey: Let that idiot calm down.

(Kaithlyn runs away from the aerial tramway, followed by Yasmine who pulls Zoya with her. Denzel and Yoona also follows but Denzel bumps into Mikey who gets mad and also follows them along with Tom. Alessandra decides to get out to)

Colin: Kaithlyn wait!

Arno: You just stay here with the rest. I'll get Kaithlyn and the others.

Colin: Okay.

(Arno follows Kaithlyn and Brendan follows Arno)

During the accident

Yasmine: What is wrong with you!?

Kaithlyn: I saw it, I saw it fall down and killing everybody.

Arno: Okay Kaithlyn, just relax and tell me what happened excactly.

Mikey: Fine, now we have to wait for the next one to come.


Yasmine: Well, Zoya now we miss our first time skiiing.

Zoya: Yasmine, shut up. You see that there's really something wrong with Kaithlyn.

Yasmine: Nobody cares

(slams a fly away)

(Suddenly they all hear the aerial tramway stop, break and fall down while all the people fall out of it)

Arno: Oh, Shit!

Kaithlyn: Nooo, Colin (crying)

Denzel: Oh, my God!

(everyone looking shocked at the people who are getting killed (You can see the cross of the church sticking out above Zoya's head, the half of Brendan's body is covered by the shadow and you can see a tree that later is hit by a forklift.)

Room 018

Zoya: How did you know that the thing was going to fall?

Kaithlyn: I just...saw it. I really don't know how.

(Denzel, Yoona and Alessandra walk in)

Yoona: Are you allright?

Kaithlyn: Guess so...

Denzel: Well, let's go to the memorial at the church.

Hell Pass Church

(Kaithlyn stands in front of the grave of Colin. Mikey walks towards her)

Mikey: Sorry for your lost.

Kaithlyn: Thank you.

Mikey: I know it's hard to lose someone close to you.

Kaithlyn: ???

Mikey: My mom went shopping at a huge store in another town, and I said I rather stay home. When she was on her way back the got into an accident on the road. She crashed into another car and afterwards her car spinned into a river and she was unable to escape.

Kaithlyn: Sorry. But why are you suddenly so nice to me? Like you have been bulliing me for years and also Denzel, Yoona and Alessandra.

Mikey: I...

Kaithlyn: Well, I must go bye.

Arno: All those kids gone...and Tina. And I also stopped Colin for going after his sister.

Yasmine: Kaithlyn!

Kaithlyn: Huh...

Yasmine: Sorry.

Kaithlyn: For what?

Yasmine: For being such a bitch towards you and you're friends. I think it just came because I spend a little to much time with Tom.

Kaithlyn: Well, thanks. I think that the people are changing after withnissing such an accident.

Yasmine: Well. I also was almost in an accident. My father was driving me towards a friend of mine and droped me there. He drove further to a hardware store when suddenly the bridge where he was on collapsed.

Kaithlyn: Sorry. We all have lost something or someone special to a silly accident.

Yasmine: Life's a bitch.

(While the priest speaks everyone listens, after the memorial most head back to the hotel)

Kaithlyn: Goodbye, brother.

Denzel: Are you coming?

Kaithlyn: Yes, Zoya are you coming to?

Zoya: No, I am staying here for a while the pray.

(Everyone heads back to the hotel except for Zoya)

Hell Pass Church

(Zoya walks inside of the church and sees many crosses on mosaics and statues of Jezus hanging on his cross)

Zoya: Hello..anybody here?

Father Keller: Hello child. My name name is Father Keller can I know your name?

Zoya: My name is Zoya Rosenberg.

Father Keller: So what is bothering my child?

Zoya: Well father, I have withnissed the accident this morning and was almost involved in it.

Father Keller: Okay, you can sit here to pray.

(While Zoya was praying there was a snowstorm outside. Because of the snowstorm one of the gargoyles of the church started to break. Zoya stood up and was ready to leave until she saw the snowstorm)

Father Keller: You can stay here until the storm is over.

Zoya: Thanks you father.

Father Keller: I see you are a real believer. Here take this.

(Father Keller hands over the cross necklace. The gargoyle on the churche begin to break through it's platform.)

Zoya: No I can't take this.

Father Keller: Don't mind. I have more of them, and you need it.

Zoya: Thanks you.

(Zoya holds the necklace against her chest, and then puts it on afterwards. She walked outside and suddenly a gargoyle landed besides her)

Zoya: Oh, my God!

Father Keller: Are you allright?

Zoya: Yes, I'm allright.

(Father Keller waved at Zoya and she waved back)

Father Keller: See you soon!

(The suddenly the cross on top of the church fell down and impaled her in her in the chest)

Father Keller: Oh my God, Zoya.

(Father Keller quickly runs towards Zoya)

March 14, 2018

Reporter: The 18 year old Zoya Rosenberg died in a weird accident. She was impaled by the cross of the church located in Alaska near Mount McKinley. She was one of the survivors of the accident in Aerial Tramway 9413.

(Denzel and Yoona knock at the door)

Kaithlyn: Door is open!

(Denzel and Yoona open the door and walks in)

Denzel: Have you heard about Zoya?

Yoona: Of course she did she lives in the same room as her.

Kaithlyn: Just let's go to the funeral.

At the funeral

Father Keller: Zoya Rosenberg was a young girl who actually wasn't meant to die yet. She had a good heart and was loved by many people...

Mikey: Kaithlyn!

Kaithlyn: Mikey?

Mikey: Finally, I have been searching for you the whole time.

Kaithlyn: Why?

Mikey: Don't you think this is a bit stange?

Kaithlyn: Well, a bit, but can it really be...?

Yoona: Well, it is a bit strange that something like this is happening.

Mikey: You see?

Denzel: Well, maybe it was an accident but maybe not.

Freund Hotel first floor

(Yasmine was walking through the hall. Meanwhile the chandler's screws start to come loose and starts to dangle. While Yasmine walks through the hall Tom suddenly opens the door and slams it against Yasmine who falls down backwards (So Yasmine escaped death))

Tom: Oh, shoot!

Yasmine: You asshole! That hurted!

(Suddenly the chandler fell in front of her nose and missed her and (because Tom wasn't supposed to live) she skipped her death)

Yasmine: I'm breaking up!

Tom: It was just an accident.

Yasmine: You know, accidents can kill!

Arno's Cabin

(Arno prepared his dinner and grabs some Hice Pale Ale beer from the six-pack and quickly closed the fridge. he continues with his dinner. He put some music on called: Sweet Dreams . Meanwhile a mouse sneaked inside of the cabin and stipped over the cable from a lamp that fell over and broke. The couch catched fire shortly followed by the table and more furniture. Arno walks inside of his livingroom and saw the fire in reaction of that he throwed some beer over the fire but that only caused it to get the flames higher. He couldn't reach the fire extinguisher or the door and windows. He ran towards the kitchen to do the watercrane open. He tripped and fell on the floor and catched fire. He crawled towards the fridge instead. He opened the fridge and the six-pack fell out and the flames got much higher and was incinerated by the flames. Then outside of the cabin you see the mouse walking out)

March 15, 2018

Room 023

Alessandra: Yoona come look at the newspaper.

Yoona: Oh my... did Mr. Bacon died?

Alessandra: Yes, this is getting really strange.

Yoona: Let's go downstairs.

Room 018

(Yoona and Alessandra walk in)

Yoona: Have you heard it?

Kaithlyn: What?

Alessandra: The newspaper says that Mr. Bacon died.

Kaithlyn: Okay, this is getting really strange. Call the rest of the survivors I must tell them something.

(After a while Denzel, Mikey, Yasmine, Tom and Brendan were there)

Kaithlyn: I have gathered you all because there are strange things going on. We weren't supposed to survive that accident.

Yoona: What do you mean?

Kaithlyn: Well, I've done some research about strange events like this and found this.

(Kaithlyn lays down a few papers)

Kaithlyn: Like this one. In 1999 a plane, flight 180, exploded killing many people but right before the flight 7 people got out of the plane and they died one for one in weird accidents.

Mikey: So what you mean is...

Kaithlyn: Yes, that we are going to die one for one just like them.

Mikey: But is there a way to beat it?

Kaithlyn: Yes there is indeed.

Mikey: How?

Kaithlyn: If you escape for the second time you will be save, I guess?

Yasmine: You guess?

Kaithlyn: Some say it will break the chain but some also say that you will just be added to the end of the list.

Alessandra: So you actually can't cheat death?

Yasmine: I guess not.

Brendan: But it isn't our time yet.

Tom: It already was our time.

Denzel: But who's next then.

Kaithlyn: I can't remember, sorry.

Denzel: We should seek it out by skiing towards the place where the ski-lift landed.

Kaithlyn: Okay then were leaving in an hour we meet up at the bus station.

Room 013

Mikey: Hey, Tom I'm going to ski along with the rest are you coming to?

Tom: Yes, but I'm coming later you go up ahead.

Mikey: Okay see you later.

(Mikey leaves the room. Tom watches out of the mirror Mikey leave along with the rest of the class)

Bus 180

Kaithlyn: So, Mikey are you ready to ski with us.

Mikey: Of course let's go!

(The group steps inside of the bus when suddenly Mikey sees his mom)

Mikey: Mom! Why are you here?

Shera: Surprise! For the whole week I have this line.

Mikey: Okay then...

Shera: Well, I won't emberass you.

(Shera tries to give Mikey a kiss but Mikey quickly sits down)

Room 013

(Tom is calling his mother)

Isabella: Hello, with Isabella Hudson.

Tom: Hi mom.

Isabella: Tom, how are you?

Tom: Good. I guess.

Isabella: What's wrong.

Tom: I was almost involved in an accident, but because Kaithlyn, you know that girl from my class, freaked out and got us out of the aerial tramway. When it leaved the cable broke and the thing fell down and killed everyone. And now Kaithlyn says that we weren't supposed to surive the accident.

Isabella: Why does this sound so familiar.

Tom: You said that a few days before I was born you were in a car crash right? Is it something similair to that?

Isabella: Now I remember. Those people died one by one, but there was a way to survive.

Tom: What?

Isabella: They said that only new life cn survive you. I think that if you get someone's life that you get his life.

Tom: So you say I have to kill someone?

Isabella: Well, I should actually not say it but yes you have to kill someone. I have rather that my son kills someone then that my son dies.

Tom: Okay I know enough, bye mom.

Isabella: Bye.

Aerial Tramway 9413

Kaithlyn: I really don't get any clues of who is next, sorry.

Brendan: I'm pretty tired I guess I'll go back to the hotel.

Denzel: Okay, we will stay here to look around a bit more.

(Brendan went down the hill towards the hotel and walked to ther instead of taking the bus)

Kaithlyn: Well, I guess we can't find any clue.

Yasmine: Kaith! I found something here!

(They skied towards Yasmine and saw that she was holding the clipboard of Arno)

Yasmine: It is the clipboard of Mr. Bacon.

Yoona: Look! there is a list of the names of the class.

Kaithlyn: But that doesn't seems to be the order.

(Yasmine turns around a page and then sees the schoolpicture)

Kaithlyn: Wait! that is it look at how we are standing. On the left Zoya and Yasmine sit on the ground. Next to them Arno is standing, and next to Arno Brendan is standing!

Denzel: So Brendan is next!

Mikey: We have to hurry!

Yasmine: But if I was after Zoya I should have been dead so I don't have to worry about anything, I'm save!

Freund Hotel Lobby

(Brendan enters the hotel)

Ralph: Well Larry, the lobby and lounge looks great I'm going to check out the halls and a few rooms.

Larry: Okay here you have some keys of several rooms.

(Gives him the keys)

Ralph: I will give the reports soon.

(Mrs. Chubbionski passes Brendan and goes towards the desk)

Larry: Hello Mrs. Chubbionski, nice to see you again.

Chubbionski: Also nice to see you again Larry.

Larry: You can check in here.

(Kaithlyn, Mikey, Denzel and Yoona quickly went with the bus towards the Freund Hotel (on the background the song Sweet Dreams can be heared again)

Shera: What's the hurry?

Mikey: We have to save Brendan, he's going to die!

Shera: I'll hurry!

(Suddenly Kaithlyn has a premonition that a collection skip hits the front of the bus killing Shera)

Kaithlyn: Stop!!!

(Shera goes on the breaks, and the collection skip misses the bus (thus adds Shera to the list))

Shera: I was almost dead.

Mikey: Did you have a vision again?

Kaithlyn: Yes, but now let's hurry to the hotel.

(Mrs. Chubbionski left her bagage car in the middle of the hall. Brendan is walking towards the stairs. Up the stairs a man is walking with a staple of books and papers and drops some papers of the staple. Brendan walked up the stairs when he suddenly trips over the papers and falls down the stairs and bashes into the bagage car that rolls against the wall)

Larry: Oh, are you allright kid?

Brendan: Yes, I only got a huge headache.

Larry: I will get some ice.

(Kaithlyn, Mikey, Yoona, Denzel and Shera come inside and see the alive Brendan. The shakes of the bagage car caused the broken mirror to crack more to eventually it reached the other side of the mirror and broke. The mirror fell and sliced his body vertically in half)

Chubbionski: Aaaah!!! Oh my God!!!

Larry: Oh my God!!!

Kaithlyn: We were too late.

(Meanwhile Tom was walking through the halls looking if a random person comes by who he can kill. He looks next to him and sees an axe on the wall)

Tom: This seems better since nobody can hear it then.

(Ralph suddenly comes out of his room)

Tom: Sorry, why were you in my room.

Ralph: I was just doing some inspection on the rooms.

Tom: Okay...

(Ralph passes him and Tom slams into the glass and grabs the axe, Ralph hears it turns around and got cut him in his neck and Ralph falls dead on the ground)

Tom: So you want to figure out that I'm going to kill someone well, now you don't.

(Tom sees the key of room 023 lying on the ground and picks it up)

Tom: I know who's next.

March 16, 2018

Room 018

(Kaithlyn and Mikey were sitting in Kaithlyn's room)

Mikey: So who's next?

Kaithlyn: I'll get the picture.

Mikey: It seems that Tom is next. Then Denzel, followed by Alessandra, then Yoona, me and finally you.

Kaithlyn: Don't forget that your mom is added to the list.

Mikey: Oh yeah, she is also added to the list. (big sight)

Kaithlyn: Where is Tom actually.

Mikey: I will search for him, meanwhile you go and get Alessandra she has been in her room the whole day.

Room 023

Kaithlyn: Hello?

Yoona: Hi Kaith.

Kaithlyn: Where's Alessandra?

Yoona: In her room.

Kaithlyn: Okay, I am planning to go shopping with her. Do you want to join us?

Yoona: I would, but I was just beginning to clean up this room.

Kaithlyn: Okay, but pay attention to everything.

Alessandra: Kaith? What are you doing here?

Kaithlyn: Do you want to go to the stores. You haven't been out lately.

Alessandra: I could use some fresh air. I will come with you.

Kaithlyn: We will be back soon.

Yoona: Okay.

(Kaithlyn and Alessandra head towards the stores. They went to the Shock Shop and looked around for some clothes. They knocked some shirts over and a blue and yellow shirt fell on the ground. Meanwhile Mikey is searching for Tom who has a plan to kill Alsessandra. Tom walks towards room 023 and opens the door)

Yoona: What are you doing here?

Tom: Where's Alessandra?

Yoona: Out for shopping, why?

Tom: You also will be good.

(Tom pulls out a pistol and aims it at Yoona and shoots. Yoona manages to dodge the bullet and instead it hit the watercrane (So Yoona escaped death))

Yoona: Are you mad!

Tom: No, I want your live.

(The water sprays around the room and Tom slips over it and drops his gu that slides towards Yoona. She picks up the gun and aims for Tom and shoots. But she missed and hit the ceiling instead and caused the lamp with the cables to fall into the puddle of water, and electrucutes Tom. At that moment Mikey opens the door and sees the dead Tom lying on the floor)

Mikey: What happened?

Yoona: He tried to shoot me.

March 17, 2018

Freund Hotel Lounge

Denzel: Well, who's next?

(Kaithlyn grabs the schoolpicture)

Kaithyln: Now that Tom is gone, Yoona would be next.

Yoona: But I dodged the bullet of Tom, does that also count as a way to escape?

Kaithlyn: That should be.

Denzel: That makes me the next one.

(Waitress comes and gives them the Hot Loco Choco, and Yoona an Ice Tea)

Mikey: Just let's relax now and drink the chocomilk.

(Meanwhile behind them in the lounge an employee is hanging up a head trophy of a swordfish. (in the background you can also look into another room where two tanning beds are) Suddenly one of the steps of the ladder breaks and he falls and throws the swordfish backwards towards Denzel. Mikey suddenly sees a shadow on the table becoming bigger)

Mikey: Quick buck!

(The four immidiatly buck and the swordfish stabs into the table (So Denzel escaped death))

Denzel: Jezus, that thing almost hit me. Thanks for saying it Mikey.

Mikey: No thanks.

Kaithlyn: Alessandra is next.

Yoona: She told me that she went skiing. So she should be on the piste.

Mount McKinley

(Kaithlyn, Mikey, Yoona and Denzel were skiing on the red piste. Meanwhile a few meters above them there was a skier on the piste who skied down. Suddenly the wind blowed some snow away and revealed a stone on the track.)

Yoona: Alessandra! Where are you!

(Suddenly Kaithlyn go a flashback of the premonition and saw Alessandra fall out and then it skipped to the point right where she should have died and she looked around and saw the alive Alessandra lying on the ground saying:" Kaithlyn ". Back at the piste, the snow that blew away went into the face of the skier who couldn't see then and tripped over the stone. His ski's went out and flew towards Mikey. Kaithlyn looked up and saw it and pushed Mikey forwards. The ski hit the ground right before Kaithlyn's face and the other landed behind her (so Mikey and Kaithlyn escaped death))

Kaithlyn: Alessandra survived the accident, we were next and that means that know...

Mikey: We have to go to my mom.

Yoona: Let's go.

(Kaithlyn, Mikey, Yoona and Denzel stopped with skiing and went towards the busstop. Meanwhile Shera drove into the garage and parked her bus. She encountered her colleague Carl who was tanking his bus)

Connected Garage

Carl: Hey Shera! How are you?

Shera: Hello Carl, I'm good you?

(Meanwhile Kaithlyn, Mikey, Yoona and Denzel went to the closest busstop and saw that the busses didn't drive anymore and they quickly ran towards the garage.

Room 045

Meanwhile Yasmine came inside the room with her dinner. Suddenly a fly flew by and she spoiled some Hot Loco Choco on the floor. She put her dinner down and grabbed the electric fly-flap. She slammed the fly and layed the fly-flap down with the fly still on it and also still on, and ate her dinner. Meanwhile Shera and Carl continue with their conversation)

Carl: So you shift is over?

Shera: Yes, this was also my last shift.

Carl: Of your life.

Shera: No, just of the week.

(During the conversation Carl spoiled some of his bezine while tanking)

Carl: I'm done here so are you closing the place?

Shera: Yes, I will close.

Room 045

TV: Tonight the movie: Love Lays Dying followed by the premiere of: Love Lays Dying 2.

Yasmine: Seen those both so I will watch something different.

(Yasmine finished her dinner and stood up. Suddenly the fly exploded (that really is so if keep a fly too long on an electric fly-flap, tested it) from the explosion she slipped over the Hot Loco Choco and fell on the electric fly-flap. She was struggeling with the electric fly-flap trying to get it of while she stepped backwards. She tried to grab her mobile and called Mikey)

Cellphone: Ring, Ring, Ring

(Mikey picks up)

Mikey: Hello?

Yasmine: Aaaahhh!!! HELP!!!

Cellphone: Piep, Piep, Piep, Piep

Mikey: My mom isn't next, Yasmine is!

(The four quickly changed route and ran to the Freund Hotel that was just a few meters away. Meanwhile Yasmine was still strugling with the thing, while screaming. Kaithlyn, Mikey, Yoona and Denzel ran inside and saw Yasmine. Mikey and Denzel quickly ran over to Yasmine and tried to pull of the electric fly-flap)

Mikey: Pull harder!

Denzel: I'm trying!

Yasmine: MY FACEEEE!!!!

(They finally pulled of the electric fly-flap, but Yasmine got much knockback and was thrown backwards and fell out of the window of her room. She fell from 4 high and landed in front of Alessandra, afterwards a few shards from the window also fell into her body)

Yoona: Mikey, we have to get back to your mother!

Kaithlyn: Hurry!

(The four ran to the garage of Conected. Meanwhile Shera got back into her bus but couldn't park right because Carl's bus stood in the way. The four were running through the streets very hard to reach the garage. Shera was now already parking the bus, she didn't noticed that the bumper of the bus was loose and dragged over the floor. Sparks made conection with the puddle of benzine. The puddle caught on fire so as the bus Shera was in. She quickly went out before it exploded many parts of the bus flew through the room and a few also landed before the door and thus blocked it. Shortly after that the other busses cathed flame to and exploded, Shera was running through the corner of the garage to get some cover. While dodging all the bus parts Kaithlyn, Mikey, Yoona and Denzel arrived at the garage and entered the building. They ran to the door that leads to the garage but couldn't get it open since bus parts were blocking it. Shera was now in the corner and all the busses were exploded except her bus 180. The four grabbed a giant plant and rammed against the door. Bus 180 exploded and the front of the bus headed towards Shera. The four managed to ram the door open and saw the front of the bus flying into Shera killing her)

Mikey: NOOO!!! Mom! no...

(Mikey cries and the rest come to comfort him)

March 18, 2018


Kaithlyn: (sight) So, we know who's next, right?

Denzel: Unfortionatly, yes.

Yoona: I'm really sorry for you Denzel...

Denzel: You can't help it.

Mikey: Sorry for bieng such a douch all the time.

Denzel: Well, the last five days were really nice so I don't bother. You already made it good.

Kaithlyn: Just let ski this last day...then we will leave her for good.

Mount McKinley

(The four were skiing at the red piste. Meanwhile a man in a forklift drives on a flat area of the mountain. Suddenly the wind blows on of the boxes it is carrying off and he drives over it. He loses control over the forklift and decides to jump out of it, the forklift's spikes go all the way up and drills into a tree. The tree breakes and rolls down the mountain followed by the forklift. The four see the tree rolling towards them and quickly get their ski's out, and jump over the tree. But Denzel trips over the tree and is being launched towards the forklift's spikes. Right before he hits the spikes they go down and he lands on the forklift unconsious. The forklift goes down the mountain towards a ramp. It goes over it at the moment that Denzel regaines consious. Denzel flies through the air while the forklift fall down on the ground, Dezel manages to grab onto a chairlift)

Denzel: Oh shit! I can't let go, I will just fall to my death.

(Denzel dangles onto the chairlift, and because of the dangling the chairlift becomes loose. He also begins to loose grip and gets frostbite. After a while the chairlift stopped because they saw Denzel hanging. Now Denzel loosed his grip and fell but because of the frostbite his skin was still on the chairlift. The skin of his whole arm was now ripped of and he was haning on it. Eventually his skin broke and he fell down in the snow in front of Alessandra while he was still alive)

Denzel: Go tell the others!

Alessandra: And you then?

Denzel: Just go, it is my time.

(Suddenly the chairlift broke of and fell into his body and killed him. Alessandra ran towards Kaithlyn, Mikey and Yoona)

Alessandra: dead.

Kaithlyn: Not him too.

Mikey: Quick get your stuff out of your room, then we will leave.

Freund Hotel

(The four quickly ran towards their room and packed their stuff. Suddenly outside a truck with supplies for the Freund Hotel called: Lakeview Deliveries crashed into a crane and both drivers were killed. The crane was holding a girder that flew into the third floor of the Freund Hotel and caused it to collapse. Mikey who was on the second floor (room 023) quickly had to dodge the imcoming bricks of the 2 other floors. He ran down and joined with Kaithlyn, Yoona and Alessandra and they ran towards the exit. While running they dodged chandlers, bricks and flying furniture)

Kaithlyn: Quick this way!

(They ran towards the lobby but a part of the ceiling dropped so that path was blocked)

Yoona: Here into the kitchen!

(They ran into the kitchen and eventually ended up in the lounge where a huge crowd was pushing each other. The four pushed away several people to get through. Suddenly the ceiling of the louge started to collapse, the four were at the front of the crowd and pushed a group of 4 people out of the way who fell on the ground and then were crushed when the ceiling of the lobby fell. (So they all got their lives)

Alessandra: Did we just...?

Kaithlyn: Killed people.

Yoona: We didn't do it by excident right?

Mikey: No, so just let's go.

(The four went to a car that was parked next to Arno's cabin so it probably was his. They drove away and saw the Freund Hotel collapse with a few people out and being rescued by employees)

2 months later (24 May, 2018)

The Neptune

(Kaithlyn, Mikey and Yoona thought they have survived since there didn't happened any accidents and decided to go on a cruise)

Kaithlyn: I've been looking so forward to this.

Yoona: Me too! And it's so cool that you two are a couple now.

Mikey: While we first didn't liked each other at all.

Ticket Man: Hello, what are your names?

Mikey: We are Kaithlyn, Yoona and Mikey.

Ticket Man: Ah finally. We were waiting for you three, you are the last ones.

(Kaithlyn, Mikey and Yoona abord the cruise ship and go sit on a table on the deck. Kaithlyn looks at the table and sees a coaster advertising the Freund Hotel. On the table next to them two people get Hot Loco Choco and a she sees an add saying:" Best way to travel is with Conected ". That is the bus company where Shera worked)

Mikey: What do you thinks Kaith?

Kaithlyn: Sorry?

Yoona: That after the cruise we should seek up Alessandra again.

Kaithlyn: Oh, yes. Good idea.

Mikey: Is there something wrong with you?

Yoona: You've been acting a little off.

Kaithlyn: No, I'm allright.

(Meanwhile the cruise ship left the harbor and they were underway. Suddenly the cruise ship appearantly had hit a rock and started sinking. Kaithlyn, Mikey and Yoona quickly stood up and ran towads the saving boats. Suddenly there was an explosion on the ship and tanks of nitrogen landed on the deck, one almost hit Yoona but landed besides her and the nitrogen was released and frozen Yoona)

Kaithlyn: Yoona!!!

Mikey: We've got the get her!

(They ran towards her but before they could reach her, the ship began to bangle and Yoona fell over and broke into many pieces)

Kaithlyn: (crying) Yoona.

Mikey: Come Kaith, quick!

(Mikey pulled Kaithlyn along with her until the ship broke in half and so as the deck. They looked down and saw the engine of the cruise ship still spinning. Mikey first jumps over the crack in the deck)

Mikey: Kaithlyn quick jump! I will catch you!

(Suddenly the anker of the ship flew on the deck and rammed into the head of Mikey)

Kaithlyn: Mikey!!! (crying again)

(Kaithlyn was about to jumped over the crack but when she landed the piece she was standing on broke and she fell into the engine of the cruise ship. Suddenly it appears to be another premonition, and the ship just had left)

Kaithlyn: (crying) It is happening again.

Mikey: No, that can't be.

Yoona: Shit.

(The three ran towards the saving boats until they heard the ship crash and the screen goes black)

Closing Credits

The credits roll and sometimes a scene appears next to it showing one or more of the death's in the series (all the death's will be shown also of the 6th movie)

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