This movie plays 18 years after Final Destination 2 thus in 2018. Because Tom was born at 15 May 2000 and he is the son of Isabella and Marcus Hudson. It seems a bit far but that doesn't really matter to me.

Watch here the script of my Final Destination 6, and here the trailer!


Main Characters

  • Name: Kaithlyn Hart

    Emily Browning as Kaithlyn Hart

Description: Kaithlyn is the main protaganist she is 18 years, she is in the last Grade of High School and she mostly is being called Kaith. She is a normal girl who fastly panics and she can be a bit bitchy, but seems to really care of the people around her. Death: She was crunched by the engine of the Cruise Ship. She is the 10th and last one to die. Portrayed by: Emily Browning

  • Name: Yoona Blossom

    Im Yoona as Yoona Blossom

Description: Yoona is one of the best friends of Kaith. She is also 18 years, and is in the same class as Kaith. Yoona is a girl with a Korean background, and enjoys life (thus doing crazy things). After the accident she pays more attention to the things around her. Death: She got frozen and fell over and broke into many pieces. She is the 8th one to die. Portrayed by: Im Yoona

  • Name: Mikey Boldhouse

Ken'ichi Matsuyama as Mikey boldhouse

Description: Mikey is the popular boy in the class. He is 19 years old and is also a bit of a bully, he is in the same class as Kaith. But he changed after the accident and falls in love with Kaith. Death: He is impaled by an anchor. He is the 9th one to die. Portrayed by: Kenichi Matsuyama

  • Name: Denzel van Turf

    Edward Speleers as Denzel van Turf

Description: Denzel is the best friend of Kaith and is in love with her although she doesn't know that. He is 19 years old and is in the same class as Kaith. He is an average kid and is a profesional skiier. He is the 7th one to die. Portrayed by: Ed Speleers

  • Alessandra Polerin

    Emma Stone as Alessandra Polerin

Description: Alessandra is a very shy girl but does hangs around mostly with Yoona. She is 18 years old and is in the same class as Kaith. She has a Dutch background and is becomes more scared after the accident and decides to stay in her room. She is the only one who was meant to survive the accident, although Kaith thought that she was the sixth one to die but since she survived the next one died without them knowing. Portrayed by: Emma Stone

  • Name: Thomas "Tom" Hudson

    Daniel Curtis Lee as Thomas "Tom" Hudson

Description: Thomas is also one of the popular boys in the class. He is 18 years old he mostly follows Mikey, he is in the same class as Kaith. He is the son of Isabella and Marcus Hudson. After the accident he figures out about the system and acts more angry and goes his own way instead of following Mikey all the time. He was in a relation with Yasmine. Death: The lamp fell from the ceiling in the puddle water he was standing him and electrecuted him. He was the 4th one to die instead of the 5th one. Portrayed by: Daniel Curtis Lee

  • Name: Yasmine Summers

    Mila Kunis as Yasmine Summers

Description: Yasmine is the popular girl in class and girlfriend of Mikey and best friends with Zoya. She is 18 years old and is in the same class as Kaith. She is very bitchy to everyone but changes that after she almost got killed for the second time, she also realizes that she has to break up with Tom. Death: After she got the electric fly-flap of her head she fell out of the fourth floor to her death. She is the 5th one to die instead of the 2nd one. Portrayed by: Mila Kunis

  • Shera Boldhouse

    Eliza Dushku as Shera Boldhouse

Description: Shera is the mother of Mikey, but wasn't at the disaster. She is 35 years old and is a busdriver. She is a very sarcistic woman and likes to embaress her son Mikey, she went along with the kids to drive them from the hotel to the mountain. She is involved later in the story when Kaith saw a vision of a truck hitting the front of the bus killing her and said her to stop so adding her to the list. Death: She is rammed by the front of her bus. She is the 6th one to die. Portrayed by: Eliza Dushku

  • Name: Brendan Miller

    Beau Mirchoff as Brendan Miller

Description: Brendan is a friend of Denzel. He is 17 years old and is in the same class as Kait. He is a straigt A student and gets teased alot by the populair kids, after the accident he decides to be more brave. Death: He is sliced vertically in half by the ceiling's mirror. He is the 3rd one to die. Portrayed by: Beau Mirchoff

  • Name: Zoya Rosenberg
    Annie Awards Spencer Locke closeup

    Spencer Locke as Zoya Rosenberg

Description: Zoya is a childhood friend of Yasmine but doesn't like the way she's acting towards others, so she also hangs around with Kaithlyn and her friends much. She is 18 years old and is in the same class as Kaith. She is a very religious girl, she also thinks that God saved her from the accident. Death: She was impaled in the chest by the church's cross. She is the 1st one to die. Portrayed by: Spencer Locke

  • Name: Arno Bacon

    Jim Belushi as Arno Bacon

Description: Arno is a English teacher and the mentor of Kaith's class. He is 41 years old. He is very strict and doesn't really likes kids. After the accident he stays a grumpy old man and seperates himself from the others by staying a personal shed, he also has a drinking problem. Death: He is incarnated by the flames. He is the 2nd one to die instead of the 3th one. Portrayed by: James Belushi

  • Colin Hart
    9424 photo1

    Matt Lanter as Colin Hart

Description: Colin is the brother of Kaithlyn. He is 21 years old and joined Kaithlyn to go with her. He went with Kaith on vacation since he is a professional skiier, and also was asked by the school to come along to teach them ski to save money. He wasn't allowed to step out of the Aerial Tramway cause Arno already followed them, so he died in the accident probably just like in the premonition when he was decapicated by the ski-lift door. Portrayed by: Matt Lanter

  • Ralph Sears
    MV5BMjE1ODY0NzE4N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTY5Mzk0Mw@@. V1. SX214 CR0,0,214,314

    Terry Crews as Ralph Sears

Ralph Sears is the brother of Nathan Sears. He is second in command of the Freund Hotels. He was ordered to stay a night in every hotel in Pennsylvania. He went to stay a night in the Mount McKinley Freund Hotel. He is 40 years old. Death: Cut in the back by Tom with an axe. Portrayed by: Terry Crews

Minor Characters

  • Tina Longleg

Description: She is the France teacher of the class and is 39 years old. She is also one of the two casualties who have a line along with Jason. She dies in the accident.

  • Mrs. Irene Strzelczyk

Description: She is the guide of the group, and is 24 years old. She is a French woman and barley can speak English. She dies in the accident. She dies in the accident.

  • Jason Michaels

Description: Jason is one of the poplair boys and also a bully. He mostly hangs around with Mikey, Tom and Yasmine. He is also one of the two casualties who have a line along with Tina. He dies in the accident.

  • Davey Geller

Description: Davey is a typical nerd. He has braces and weird hair and is very thin. He dies in the accident.

  • Daimy Church

Description: Daimy is a girl in the class of Kaithlyn, she appearantly is good friends with Jackie. She dies in the accident.

  • Jackie Spikes

Description: Jackie is a girl in the class of Kaithlyn, she appearantly is good friends with Daimy. She dies in the accident.

  • Alex Highdive

Description: Alex is one of the goths of the class along with Anthony. He dies in the accident.

  • Anthony Burton

Description: Anthony is one of the goths of the class along with Alex. He dies in the accident.

  • Marlon Flight

Description: Marlon is a boy in the class of Kaithlyn he is an African-American, he also spent the entire scene behind his mobile phone. He dies in the accident.

  • Zachary Cox

Description: Zachary is a boy in the class of Kaithlyn he is very fat and seems to even have candy with him when skiing. He dies in the accident.

Tom called his mother to tell her about the accident. His mother told him that he must defeat dead by killing another person.

He was mentioned by Isabella. Isabella and Marcus seemed to be divorced now.

  • Larry

He is the manager of the Freund Hotel (not the owner). He was on his way to get some eyes for Brendan right before he died.

  • Freund Hotel Receptionist

She is the receptionist who works at the Feund Hotel.

  • Freund Hotel Waitress

She is a sexy waitress of the hotel and served Kaithlyn, Mikey, Yoona and Denzel their drinks.

  • Mrs. Chubbionsky

A rich and chabby woman who just had checked in at the hotel when Brendan died. She also caused his dead by leaving the bagagecar in the middle of the hallway.

  • Father Keller

He is the priest of the church, who withnessed Zoya's death. He gave her a necklace with a cross on it.

  • Freund Hotel Employee

He is an employee of the Feund Hotel who almost caused Denzel's death because he fell through the ladder.

  • Man on the Forklift

He was riding the forklift until the forklift loosed it's control because it ran over the boxes on the forks. He is later seen handeling the crane where the Supplies Truck crashed into.

  • Carl Farmer

Is a colleague of Shera who dropped some benzine on the floor that caused Shera's death.

  • Mouse

The mouse that caused Arno's death by tripping over the lamp cable.

  • Funeral Man

He was at the funeral of Zoya and burried her in the ground and used the cross that impaled her as her cross.

  • Shock Shop Woman

She is a seller of the Shock Shop were Kaithlyn and Alessandra went shopping while Tom got killed.

  • Supplies Truck Driver

He is the driver of the Supplies Truck that was meant to deliver supplies to the Freund Hotel but instead crashed into a crane.

  • Neptune receptionist

He is the receptionist of the cruise ship the Neptune. He conforms that Kaithlyn and Mikey are on the ship and says that they were the last and were waiting for them.

Opening Disaster

Although many people want a cruise ship disaster, I prefer choose for a Cable Car accident since we don't have something including snow.

Aerial Tramway 9413

Aerial Tramway 9413

The first one is on an Aerial Tramway: The 3rd classes went onto an schoolstip to France where they went skiing, they made groups of 16 students and 2 teachers and an instructor. The 19 people went into the cable car where also the attender is thus making it 20 people. When they were 200 m (660 ft.) high the cable car stopped, they first don't worry until the cable snaps and the back faces downwards. Everyone grabs for the top but everyone except the mains fall out. The cable car now falls down and the windows break causing some sherds came into Zoya. Then the door opened and Yasmine fell out, and bashed into a tree. Then the cable car landed at 91 m (300 ft) on a tree killing Brendan. They were now in the cable car and Colin said that they must climb down the tree but when he hung onto the opening of the door when the cable car moved and the door shutted cutted him in half. The cable car moved again falling towards the ground a pipe of a bench flew through the air through Arno's head. Then it landed on a tree again causing the cable car to flip around and Tom was throwned out into the air shortly followed by Denzel. Then they falled normal again and landed into the snow then a tree fell down crushing both Yoona and Mikey and caused the cable car to explode killing Kaithlyn. (When the cable car fell down normal Alessandra fell into the snow with only some wounds but wasn't death, she is the same as Isabella).

Characters "Final Destination"

Aerial Tramway 9413 Casualties

Probably most people fell out of the Aerial Tramway and were crushed by the Aerial Tramway. The casualties were: Tina Longleg, Jason Michaels, Irene Strzelczyk, Davey Geller, Daimy Church, Alex Highdive, Jackie Spikes, Marlon Flight, Anthony Burton, Zachary Cox and Perry. Category: Fell.

Colin Hart

When he tried to escape by hanging on the aerial tramway and climb down the tree were it landed on. But when he was hanging on the ski-lift door opening the ski-lift door closed and cut his head and hands off. But it is not known if this also really happened. Category: Decapitated, Obliterated, Sliced.

Zoya Rosenberg

After the memorial she stayed at the church. After she prayed she decided to stay because there was a huge snowstorm. Because of the snowstorm a gargoyle on the church started moving and eventually the platform where it was standing on broke. When Zoya stepped outside the gargoyle fell next to her almost crushing her. She walked further and when she looked back to wave the church cross (that was going through the same process as the gargoyle) fell down and impaled her in the chest. Catergory: Sudden Death, Impaled.

Arno Bacon

The next day Arno was in the kitchen of his personal cabin, the hotel said that those sometimes have mice. One mouse came in and tripped over a cable from a lamp in the livingroom and caused the room to catch fire. Arno couldn't escape or use the fire extinguisher. He first tried to blush the fire but the flames only got higher, then he went towards the watercrane but tripped and self got on fire. He opened the fridge to get something to blush it but only his six-pack of Hice Pale Ale fell out and fell on him and beer came out and the flames on him became higher and burned him alive. Category: Incinerated, Burned.

Brendan Miller

The next day Brendan got back to the hotel and was walking upstairs in the lobby. Mrs. Chubbionski left her bagage car in the middle of the lobby, the mirror on the ceiling was broken and the person on top of the stairs dropped some papers. When Brendan walked upstairs he tripped over the papers and fell down the stairs, and bashed against the bagage car that rolled against the wall. Brendan stood up, the shakes in the wall caused the broken mirror to completely break and it fell down and sliced Brendan vertically in half. Category: Dismembered, Bisected, Sliced.

Ralph Sears

After Brendan died, Ralph was still inspecting rooms. When he came out of Tom and Mikey's room he encountered Tom (who thought he was seeking for evidence that he was going to kill people) When Ralph passed Tom, Tom slammed into the glass where the axe was and grabbed it. Ralph turned around and Tom sliced him in his neck and caused his neck to break and Ralph dropped dead on the ground. Category: Decapitated, Obliterated, Sliced.

Thomas "Tom" Hudson

The next day Tom went with the key from room 023 that he stole from Ralph into the room of Alessandra and Yoona to kill Alessandra. When he came in it appears that only Yoona was there so went for her. He shoot but Yoona dodged and he hit the watercrane and the floor was full with water and Tom sliped over the water and his gun slided towards Yoona. Yoona picked it up and aimed for Tom and shoot but instead of Tom she hit the ceiling that caused the lamp along with the cables to fell and electrocuted Tom who still was standing in the water. Category: Electrocuted.

The Fly

The next day the fly attacked Yasmine to get her blood but Yasmine slammed him with the electric fly-flap and he was getting electrocuted on the fly-flap and eventually exploded. Category: Blown Up, Electrocuted.

Yasmine Summers

The next day she was in her appartment thinking she was save since she appearantly skipped death once when Tom slammed his door open against her nose and she fell backwards dodging the falling chandelar. She was preparing dinner and walked in the room when suddenly a fly attacked her and she spoiled some Hot Loco Choco. She put her dinner down and grabbed her electric fly-flap and caught the fly. She sat down and watched TV, while the fly still got electrocuted. When she stood up the fly exploded and she slipped over the puddle of chocomilk and fell onto the electric fly-flap. She struggeled to get it off. Soon Mikey and Denzel came to help her when they got the fly-flap off the knockback caused her to fall backwards through the window and fell from 4 high on the ground in front of Alessandra. Category: Fell, Electrocuted, Burned, Crushed, Bashed.

Sheherazade "Shera" Boldhouse

Shortly after Yasmine died Shera was next. Her colleague Carl spoiled some benzine during their conversation. After Carl left Shera couldn't park her bus good so she moved Carl's bus but his bumped was loose and dragged over the ground. Sparks were created and made connection with the puddle of benzine and got flame and the bus was on fire. Shera quickly got ou and it exploded shortly afterwards and throwed several parts around the garage also some blocking the outways. Shera ran towards the corner of the garage while other busses also exploded. Eventually all the busses were exploded except her bus 180. When that exploded the motor of her bus rammed into her body. Category: Crushed, Bashed.

Denzel van Turf

Denzel already escaped once by dodging a trophy with the head of a swordfish with help of Mikey. The day after Yasmine and Shera died he was on the piste. A forklift drove over the boxes he was cariing and the driver jumped out and the forklift bashed into a tree and cut it. the tree rolled downwards and Denzel jumped over it but tripped over the top of the tree and flew towards the spikes of the forklift that also rolled down. Before he hit them the spikes went down and he fell on the forklift and became unconsious. The forklift drove towards a ramp and drove over it and Denzel was thrown in the air and also became consious. Denzel managed to grab onto a chairlift, he dangled much and caused the chairlift to get loose. He began to lose grip and he suffered from frostbite. He lost his grip and fell but his skin was still on the chairlift and it pulled the whole skin of his arm. Eventually the skin snapped and he fell on the ground in front of Alessanda still alive, but he was shortly followed by the chairlift that crushed him. Category: Crushed, Frozen, Fell, Bashed.

Freund Hotel Casualties

When the Freund Hotel collapsed many people were killed. Some were: Larry, Mrs. Chubbionski, employees and the people who stayed there, Ralph Sears was also meant to die at that moment. Crunched, Bashed, Impaled, Crushed.

Yoona Blossom

Yoona escaped once by dodging the bullet of Tom and she also killed Tom thus gaining the live of Ralph who was killed by Tom. When the Freund Hotel collapsed she accidently pushed people who were meant to survive backwards where they stood and those people were crushed by the ceiling. Yoona was along with Mikey and Kaithlyn on the cruise ship the Neptune. When the cruise ship began to sink tons with nitrogen fell onto the deck and one landed next to Yoona and the nitrogen came out and froze Yoona and because of the dangling ship she fell over and was shattered in many pieces. Category: Shattered, Frozen, Fell.

Mikey Boldhouse

Mikey escaped once when he was saved by Kaithlyn from an incoming ski. When the Freund Hotel collapsed he accidently pushed people who were meant to survive backwards where they stood and those people were crushed by the ceiling. After Yoona was killed the deck began to break and there was a huge crack in the deck. He jumped over it but shortly after that was hit by the anchor of the ship. Category: Bashed, Impaled.

Kaithlyn Hart

Kiahtlyn escaped once when she pushed Mikey forwards to save Mikey but self also stepped forwards and dodged the other ski. When the Freund Hotel collapsed she accidently pushed people who were meant to survive backwards where they stood and those people were crushed by the ceiling. After Mikey was killed she tried to jump over the crack she made it but the piece of deck where she landed on broke and she fell into the crack and was shortly after that crunched by the ship's engine. Category: Crunched, Mutilated.

Neptune Casualties

Many people fell of the ship and drowned. Some were also crunched in the engine. Some were impaled or hit by objects or parts on the ship. Category: Drowned, Crunched, Mutilated, Bashed, Impaled, Crushed.

Alessandra Polerin

Alessandra is the only one who didn't die, but also was never involved in the accident.

Signs and Clues

Opening Disaster:

  • In the hotel was a broken mirror on the ceiling.
  • Kaithlyn and Zoya's room was room 018
  • Yoona and Alessandra's room was room 023
  • The number of the Aerial Tramway is 9413 wich means in the Chinese culture: nine die to one live, meaning 90% chance of being dead and 10% chance of being alive, or survived from such situations.
  • Kaithlyn mentions:" This thing look very old". and Denzel responds:" Maybe it's going to break and fall". With a lauging voice.
  • In the Aerial Tramway the word "SNAP" is drawn, wich says that the cable is going to snap.
  • On a poster advertising the skiing area you can see that the cable of the Aerial Tramway is missing a piece.
  • The hotel they are staying in is called the Feund Hotel that is owned by Ashley Feund's dad.


  • There are many pictures and statues of crosses in the church.
  • When Zoya gets the necklace she holds the cross on it at the place where she is going to be impaled.
  • After the accident you can see the cross of the church sticking out above her head.
  • Before they got in the Aerial Tramway she was doing a cross-word puzzle in the newspaper.
  • Her room was room 018.


  • There are flames on the other side of his ski's
  • He drinks Hice Pale Ale beer.
  • Yasmine says he is kind of a "hothead".
  • The other teacher says to him that he musn't fire off when he's on the piste.
  • He says to the other teacher that this is his last beer before getting on the Aerial Tramway and in fact is was, since he throwed his beer into the flames.
  • The hotel manager said that his house sometimes has mouses.


  • Kaithlyn saw that in the hotel was a broken mirror on the ceiling.
  • He said that taking a ski-lift is beter than walking a stairs.
  • He said if you fall you ain't going to die.
  • In the lounge the tv was on a cartoon that showed a cat falling of the stairs.
  • After the accident the shadow was covering half of his body vertically.
  • Before he died he saw a rippling shadow in the mirror.


  • When Yoona went for Tom in the Aerial Tramway and said:" Jezus, I'm really going to kill you if you do that again!".
  • During a talk with Mikey and Yasmine he made with his hand a pistol and aimed it against his head.
  • He is the son of Isabella and Marcus Hudson.
  • Mikey said that said that he beated him with "Call of Duty".
  • When Kaithlyn was in the shop with Alessandra a blue shirt (water) fell on a yellow shirt (electricity).
  • When he rammed Yasmine with the door by accident he said:"Oh, shoot".
  • His room was room 048.


  • During a few scenes a fly is irritating her.
  • She says to Kaithlyn:" Beauty begins with the face".
  • She was drinking chocomilk in the lounge earlier and said:" Ouch! That's hot".
  • She wears a yellow shirt (electricity)
  • Her room was room 045.
  • She has been to the movie Love Lays Dying.


  • Her bus number is 180.
  • In the vision she is rammed by a collection skip when she was in the front of the bus, and she dies because she was hit by the front of the bus.
  • Her shift was done when she died.
  • While driving in the bus another car hitted her buffer.
  • She works by the same company that also killed Terry.


  • His room was room 013.
  • He was pulling of a scab of his skin.
  • When the swordfish missed him you could see a picture of a forklift lying next to it.
  • After the accident you could see the same tree that hitted the forklift bending over towards Denzel.
  • He suffered from frostbite in the vision and also when he died.


  • Her room was room 023.
  • She likes to drink Ice Tea.
  • Before the accident she already had pain in her stomach
  • When she dodged the bullet of Tom you could see a bottle of chlorine in the kitchen.
  • The song Rocky Mountains High is played when she dies.


  • His room was room 048.
  • Before the accident Tom throwed a snowball against his head on the place where he should be impaled by the anchor.
  • Kaithlyn sees a man walking with Hice Pale Ale beer.
  • Kaithlyn sees an add from the bus company Shera worked.
  • Kaithlyn sees a coaster addvertising the Freund Hotel.
  • A man says right before they board the ship: "We were waiting for you two, you are the last ones".
  • Kaithlyn encounters the protagonists of Final Destination 7.


  • Her room was room 018.
  • When she was in the shop with Alessandra she looked at a shirt with a Cruise Ship on it.
  • When she was alone in her room a ship model falled.
  • Kaithlyn sees a man walking with Hice Pale Ale beer.
  • Kaithlyn sees an add from the bus company Shera worked.
  • Kaithlyn sees a coaster addvertising the Freund Hotel.
  • Kaithlyn encounters the protagonists of Final Destination 7.
  • A man says right before they board the ship: "We were waiting for you two, you are the last ones".
  • her actoress Emily Browning shares the same last name as Alex Browning.

Alternative Death's

Tom- When Yoona shoots the ceiling it hits the lamp that falls down only now the cords don't come along with the lamp so Tom doesn't get electrecuted, and he escapes. Later when Yasmine and Shera had died he was next. Tom was still aware that he was going to die and tried to hunt down Kaithlyn, Mikey, Denzel and Yoona. When he encountered then he pulled a gun and aimed for them. The manager ran to him to stop him but Tom shot him down. He then says that their time also has come, suddenly Alessandra sneaked behind him and stabbed him a few times in the back with an axe that was hanging on the wall.

Shera- Denzel and Mikey manage to break the door open before bus 180 explodes and quickly get Shera out of the garage. She then later dies along with Kaithlyn and Mikey.

Alternate Ending- When Kaithlyn and Mikey got home it is revealed that Kaithlyn is pregnant from Mikey and when the baby boy was born they called him CJ (Colin Junior) after Kaithlyn's brother Colin and they cheated death for good.

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