Watch here the script of my Final Destination 6, here the plot of Final Destination 6 and here the trailer!


Hunt's violently sucked out insides.

37) Hunt Wynorski


There isn't a picture of his death so...

36) Agent Jim Block

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Jonathan gets crushed by an overfilled bathtub.

35) Jonathan Groves


Nick (depicted as a skeleton) after being slammed into the wall by the truck.

34) Nick O'Bannon

Clear rivers

Clear after the explosion.

Eugene's death

Eugene, before being incinerated in an explosion.

32) Clear Rivers & Eugene Dix

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Dragged by his truck with a chain, Carter is burned alive.

33) Carter Daniels


Clear, holding a picture of Alex when he is bludgeoned by a fallen brick.

31) Alex Browning


Lori's second premonition Death being ground by an escalator motor.

30) Lori Milligan

Kimberly and Thomas accident news

since it was off-screen

29) Kimberly Corman & Thomas Burke


Andy being diced by the vence.

28) Andy Kewzer

27) Brian Gibbons


A fire escape ladder impales Evan's right eye, killing him.

26) Evan Lewis

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Wendy right before she gets hit by the second train.


Julie gets splattered when a dislodge train wheel hits her.


Kevin being ground between train and tunnel.

25) Train 081 including: Wendy Christensen , Julie Christensen and Kevin Fischer


Carter, immediately before he is crushed by the neon sign.

24) Carter Horton

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While attempting to kill Molly, Peter is stopped by Sam who impales him with a cooking skewer.

23) Peter Friedkin

Death hq

A wrench is forced into Dennis's head, killing him.

22) Dennis Lapman


A cherry picker falls on top of Ian, brutally crushing him in half.

21) Ian McKinley


After seeing George hit by the ambulance, Nick runs toward the vehicle and recoils from George's remains.

20) George Lanter


A couple of gym weights fall on Lewis's head, crushing it like a watermelon.

19) Lewis Romero


Nadia, after being splattered by the tire.

18) Nadia Monroy

Kat's body

Kat after the pipe went through her head.

17) Kat Jennings

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Nora's body outside the elevator, decapitated when Kat and Clear tried to save her.

16) Nora Carpenter


Ms. Lewton, with a kitchen knife landing on her chest.

15) Valerie Lewton


The remains of Tim after he is crushed by the falling window pane.

13) Tim Carpenter

Tod's Death - He's Suicide Because Of You, Alex

Tod shortly after he died.

14) Tod Waggner

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A freak accident makes Candice fall and results in breaking her spine and various bones.

13) Candice Hooper


A motor fan slices the back of Frankie's head, killing him.

12) Frankie Cheeks

Isaac Death Buddah

Isaac's head crushed by the Buddha Statue.

11) Isaac Palmer

Sam's death

Sam being incinerated in the Flight 180 disaster.

Molly's death

Molly, being bisected by the plane's wing.

Nathan's death

Landing gear from the exploded Flight 180 crushes Nathan.

10) Flight 180 including: Sam Lawton, Molly Harper and Nathan Sears


Perry impaled by the flagpole.

9) Perry Malinowski


A piece of Carter's smashed car flies towards Billy, decapitating him in half.

8) Billy Hitchcock


Janet after the explosion in the cinema.

7) Janet Cunningham


Rory after being sliced by the vence wires.

6) Rory Peters

Samantha, being hit by a rock

Samantha hit by the stone in her right eye.

5) Samantha Lane

Ashley Burned alive

Ashley being burned alive.

Ashlyn before she gets burned

Ashlyn being burned alive.

4) Ashley Freund & Ashlyn Halperin

Erin death final destination 3 xl 06-film-a

Erin after she had gotten shot with nails

3) Erin Ulmer

Final Destination 5 2011 CAM XViD DTRG screenshot 3

Olivia, after falling from the doctor's office and landing on a car.

2) Olivia Castle

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Terry is hit by a bus on the road.

1) Terry Chaney

So that's my top many death's sorry for not putting in Devil's Flight, Route 23, North Bay Bridge and McKinley Speedway but there were no main characters who died. Hope you have one similair to me!

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