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  • I live in North Bay Apartments, Apt. 081 on 13th floor, on 23rd and Abraham, McKinley
  • I was born on November 22
  • My occupation is Final Destination's #1 Fan
  • I am Male
  • Cyberspace12

    This takes place in between FD2 and FD3. This shows why Death decided to make the Devil's Flight derail.

    It starts with three friends, Blake Leonards, Dianna Winters, and Tyler Hamilton, going to a baseball game at Mt. Abraham Park. Onlookers include Zoey Farmington, Dr. Gregory Reynolds, and Fabienne Lansquenet. Pitcher Erik Van Haulon is at the mound. All of a sudden, Dianne notices a cold wind around her. Then, a huge 18-wheeler rams into the old stadium, exploding itself on impact. The explosion coauses several large scraps of metal fly around the stadium. One hits Erik, slicing him from head to groin. The others hit the scoreboard, which falls down on Dr. Reynolds. The scoreboard then shoots out electricity, zapping Tyler. Blake trippe…

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  • Cyberspace12

    Okay, this isn't gonna be as elaborate as my last blog post. Its just a list of the deaths

    Tragic Event: A train derails itself and expodes

    Survivors: Cheyanne Jacobson, Tiffany Smith, Will Newby, Garrett Baker, Fiona Daniels, Chuck Zimmerman, Daisy Fields.

    1. Daisy, a model, in the premonition, she falls of the bridge the train was on before it derails. In real life, she falls into an elevator shaft.

    2. Chuck, a train empoyee, in the premonition, he gets stabbed by a knife in the dining cart. In real life, he gets impaled by a sword when a circus juggler drops it onto the audience.

    3. Fiona, a lawyer, in the premonition, gets hit by a lamp in her sleeping cart. In real life, a chandelier falls on her.

    4. Garrett, an author, in the premonition, …

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  • Cyberspace12

    This is my version of Final Destination 6.

    The movie starts with a 14 year old, Nathan Diamond, with his girlfriend, Rachel Carlson, his 16 year old sister, Megan, and her boyfriend, Devon Chandler, going to their school dance at McKinley High School. They arrive, and see the Diamond's neighbor, Caleb Stevens, Megan's ex, Owen Drake, the Vice Principal, Caroline Everestt, and her student assistant, Savannah Thompson. They all go their separate ways. Meanwhile, up above, American Airline 81's left engine explodes, and the right one fails. So, it crashes above the high school. Caleb goes to use the bathroom, and Savannah goes to pick up some papers in the office. The plane hits the school, and a piece of metal slices Caleb in half, also hitti…

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