Okay, this isn't gonna be as elaborate as my last blog post. Its just a list of the deaths

Tragic Event: A train derails itself and expodes

Survivors: Cheyanne Jacobson, Tiffany Smith, Will Newby, Garrett Baker, Fiona Daniels, Chuck Zimmerman, Daisy Fields.

1. Daisy, a model, in the premonition, she falls of the bridge the train was on before it derails. In real life, she falls into an elevator shaft.

2. Chuck, a train empoyee, in the premonition, he gets stabbed by a knife in the dining cart. In real life, he gets impaled by a sword when a circus juggler drops it onto the audience.

3. Fiona, a lawyer, in the premonition, gets hit by a lamp in her sleeping cart. In real life, a chandelier falls on her.

4. Garrett, an author, in the premonition, gets sliced in half by glass. In real life, he falls out a window.

5. Will, a drifter, in the premonition, gets hit in the head by the train wheel. In real life, he gets blown up in his car.

6. Tiffany, a bartender, in the premonition, gets her head cut off by train wreckage. In real life, she dies in a house fire.

7. Cheyanne, the reporter at the scene where Kat & Rory died, in her premonition, broke her neck. In real life, she gets hit in the head by a baseball, and hits her head on a rock as she falls.

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