This takes place in between FD2 and FD3. This shows why Death decided to make the Devil's Flight derail.

It starts with three friends, Blake Leonards, Dianna Winters, and Tyler Hamilton, going to a baseball game at Mt. Abraham Park. Onlookers include Zoey Farmington, Dr. Gregory Reynolds, and Fabienne Lansquenet. Pitcher Erik Van Haulon is at the mound. All of a sudden, Dianne notices a cold wind around her. Then, a huge 18-wheeler rams into the old stadium, exploding itself on impact. The explosion coauses several large scraps of metal fly around the stadium. One hits Erik, slicing him from head to groin. The others hit the scoreboard, which falls down on Dr. Reynolds. The scoreboard then shoots out electricity, zapping Tyler. Blake trippes over the benches, and whacks his head open. The semi explodes, engulfing Zoey, then Fabienne. Dianna hears something above her, and looks up only to see a giant statue fall on her.

Dianna snaps back to reality, and begins a commotion, causing the removal of her friends, the other on-lookers, and herself. Erik decides to relive himself to go check on the situation. When they are all out of the stadium, Erik comes out just as the semi rams into him, also collapsing the stadium.

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