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    Daniel Roques

    April 30, 2015 by DSPurantoro

    Daniel Roques was a survivor of the Omeilia bridge disaster. He is an employee of Fremida insurance as an accountant for the Finance department. He was one of the workers to go on a holiday with 5 others of his close colleagues.

    Daniel was the 5th survivor to die.

    " I think since death struck the witness, i think were all skipped. That means we're not on the list anymore!"

    Daniel to Hussein, minutes before his death.

    Daniel lives in the Omara region of Akarts city. He is quiet, reserved but friendly. He was one of the workers who was qualified to go to Valmeda valley, some 122 kilometers east of Akarts city.

    After hearing that the bridge was going to crash, he suspected that Ariana was on drugs and asked Hussein, his best friend, whether there …

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    Melinda Yohanssan

    March 23, 2015 by DSPurantoro

    " I'm beggining to think that i'm next. Whatever. I dont care whether that i die next, or die later. Life's a bitch and an ass"

    Melinda to Ariana on Death's Design

    Melinda Yohanssan is one of the survivors of the Omeila Bridge collapse. She is the head of the Human Resource at Fremda Insurance.  She is one of the workers to go on a holiday with the other survivors.

    Melinda was the third survivor to die.

    Name Melinda Yohanssan
    Potrayed By


    First Seen: Final Destination Marked
    Last Seen Final Destination: Marked
    Gender Femal
    Birth: 3 March 1973
    Died: 16 January 2000
    Cause of Death Incinerated in gas explosion
    Proffesion Head of human resources
    Age 30

    Josh Woods - Boyfriend

    Hussein Yazhmet - co worker

    Nigel Ovroine - co worker

    Daniel Roques - Fri…

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    Josh Woods

    March 21, 2015 by DSPurantoro

    "What do you mean by that? Man, i dont believe in such bullshit! That is just smth called "coincidence"

    - Josh on Nigel's  death.

    Josh Woods was one of the survivors of the Omeilia bridge collapse. He is the Insurance Agent employee of Fremeda Insurance. He is good friends with Daniel, Melinda and with the rest of the colleagues. He is one of the employees to go for a holiday to Valmeda Valley with Nigel, Josh, Melinda, Hussein, Daniel, Ariana and 7 others.

    Josh was the second survivor to die.

    Name: Josh Woods
    Potrayed By: -
    First Seen: Final Destination:Marked
    Last Seen: Final Destination:Marked
    Full Name: Josh Woods
    Status Deceased
    Gender Male
    Born 12 October 1975
    Died: 15 January 2000
    Cause of death: Fell on concrete
    Proffesion Insurance Agent

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    Omeilia Bridge was a doomed bridge in Final Destination:Marked that occured on December 12, 1999. Ariana Lopez has the premonition of the bridge collapsing, killing her and everybody in the bridge.  If included with the Final Destination Series, this would be the first disaster, the only disaster with less than 7 survivors. 

    When Bus 1717  was passing the bridge, it stopped due to traffic. After about 20 minutes, cracks started to appear in the bridge and people start to flee.  Melinda trips and fall down into the water while clinging to the remnants of the brige. Her body was trisected by a passing yacht.

    Hussein tried to escape through a beam the connects the other side of the bridge in which he succeeded. While he was doing this, Daniel los…

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    Brittany Michel Rose

    March 20, 2015 by DSPurantoro

    " I cant't believe it. This is... unbearable"

    Nigel, on the deceased victims of the Omella bridge collapse

    Nigel Ovroine was a survivor of the Omelia Bridge Collapse. He is the human resource manager at Fremeda Insurance. He is good friends with Hussein Yazhmet Hanira and Melinda Yohanssan.

    Nigel was the 1st survivor to die. 

    Nigel lived in the Yozamrat region in Akarts city. He works as a human resource manager at Fremeda Insurance and is best friends with Hussein Yazhmet Harina and Melinda Yohanssan. They have bene friends since childhood. He is outgoing, fun and a hardworker.  

    Nigel Ovroine

    Nigel Ovroine

    Potrayed by: Popson Godwin

    First Seen

    Final Desination (Marked)

    Last Seen Final Destination (Marked)

    Full Name Nigel Ovroine

    Origin Yozamrat,Akar…

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