Daniel Roques

Daniel Roques was a survivor of the Omeilia bridge disaster. He is an employee of Fremida insurance as an accountant for the Finance department. He was one of the workers to go on a holiday with 5 others of his close colleagues.

Daniel was the 5th survivor to die.


" I think since death struck the witness, i think were all skipped. That means we're not on the list anymore!"

Daniel to Hussein, minutes before his death.

Daniel lives in the Omara region of Akarts city. He is quiet, reserved but friendly. He was one of the workers who was qualified to go to Valmeda valley, some 122 kilometers east of Akarts city.

Final Destination:Marked

After hearing that the bridge was going to crash, he suspected that Ariana was on drugs and asked Hussein, his best friend, whether there was something wrong with Ariana when she got on the bus. Suddenly cracks appear on the bridge and gave way, Daniel and Hussein made a dash for it and got into safety just in time to see the entire bridge disintegrate into pieces and plunge into the water.

At the memorial he is shown to be shaken by the incident, and scared of bridges. His friends consolled him by having a drink at COCKTAILS bar.

After witnessing the death of Ariana right infront of their eyes, they become afraid that they were next on the list. So they consulted William Bludworth, who said that death can be cheated after cheated dozen of times".


After meeting Hussein at a restaurant in Lorbarda on 9 February 2000, Hussein began to see Death's malicious signs. He warn Daniel that he is still on the list, but he reprimands Hussein by saying that since the witness is dead, we;re off the hook.

After paying the bills,  Hussein bid goodbye and turn around to walk to his car. Just as he steps a few feet, a loud crash is heard; Daniel was hit by a speeding bus, with his body splattered on the road soaked in blood.

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