• Dan 2007


    December 22, 2011 by Dan 2007

    This is my idea of Final Destination 6 (i didn't have much time to work on this so bare with me on spelling errors and grammer. If you want to, you can just skip to the who dies and how?)


    When a field trip to the 1 WORLD TRADE CENTER is underway, Jeremy Keating, 17(Student, MAIN CHARACTER) is hesitant to go due to the fear of heights and haunting memories of watching falling people on the news during 9/11. None the less, Jeremy’s friends Autumn (Girl-friend), Rick (friend), Yumi (friend), and Ashton (friend) insist saying that it might be an interesting experience. Ashton jokes saying, ‘it’d be awesome if the same thing on September 11th happened to the 1WTC while we were in it…’ No one attempts to reply to such a mess…

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