What is meant by audio transcription?

Audio transcription is the procedure of converting oral recordings into text format. A company providing this kind of service is called as audio transcription company or audio transcription service provider. Many leading transcription services provide quality audio transcription. The transcription companies employ proficient transcriptionists skilled in transcribing the audio files. Those audio files can be recordings on conference, podcasts and interviews. The transcribers keenly listen to the audio files and type into the text editor everything the narrator in the recording has said.

The omission and modification of words rely on the norms laid out between the transcription company and the customer. On completion of transcription of the audio files, the transcripts are subjected to a three tier quality check. First the transcribers would proof read and send it to the editor, who edit the file and make any changes if needed, the file is lastly sent to the quality analyst for final quality check. The ultimate output is put forward to the client. Good voice transcription companies come out with a quick turnaround time (TAT) of less than 12 hours.

Given beneath are some of the salient benefits of audio transcription services

Research benefits

The benefits of audio transcription services are it enhances the data analysis by depicting an authentic account of the spoken words. This is gives an elaborative account instead of mere summary notes or researcher‘s explanation of the discussions.

The audio transcripts also serve as an imperative tool for the researchers. They can be utilized for further analyses and for their future research.

Accessibility benefits

Accessibility benefits for the blind, visually impaired persons.

Normally, the blind & visually impaired internet users can gain entry and hear the audio files that are uploaded on the websites. Most of the person suffering from “low vision”, “legally blind”, “Totally blind” utilize some gadgets such as screen magnification systems, screen readers and other alike supportive software. Nevertheless, offering an audio file’s text transcript facilitates them to steer throughout segments of the contents further competently. This can be feasible, only if the transcript is in a well structured pattern

Accessibility benefit for persons with hearing Impairment

Normally audio file are inaccessible for people with hearing impairment. However those hurdles can be removed, by having a voice to text transcript of the recorded content.

Accessibility benefit for people with Cognitive disabilities

People suffering from cognitive disorders, wish to study web content rather than hearing to it. On the other hand, if an audio content has a corresponding voice to text transcript; it will be of great help to them. They can easily access the required information.

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