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  • Daymoo1998

    My Final Destination 6 & 7

    December 23, 2012 by Daymoo1998

    Okay.! So, My Idea Is That Since Both Movies Are Back To Back.

    FINAL DESTINATION 6 - A Girl Has A Premonition Of Boat 180 Expolding and Sinking. She Saves 7 Others Along With Wendy Christensen. (It Is Reveled That Wendy Jumped Onto The Train's Floor, Julie Was Hit By The Wheel, Kevin Jumped Down, After The Wreck, He Pulled Her Out And A Few Years Later, Kevin Went To The Speedway And Was Killed There.) After The First Two Die, Alex Browning Arrvies and Explains How He Faked His "Death" So That Clear Would Move On, But Learned She Died Saving A Group Just Like Them. At The End, Wendy Has A Vision That While In A Super Building (It Has 13 Stories, A Mall, Theater, Cafe, Train Station, Pool) Were They All Die Except Wendy. She Wakes Up And Trie…

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  • Daymoo1998

    Quinn Christensen

    March 19, 2012 by Daymoo1998

    Quinn Christensen Is A Chearcter In Finale Destination 6. The Sister Of Wendy And Julie Christensen.

    Final Destination 6

    Quinn Is A Senior At McKinley High School.Friends With Most Everyone At School

    She Has The Vision Of Subway Train 13 Derailing.


    5 Weeks After Shelia,Amanda,Nate,Brooke,Justin,Luke,Julie,Kevin,and Alex Browning Die, Quinn Goes To See Her Friend Sophia When Wendy Warns Her DEATH Is Still After Them And As A Big Truck Is Hurdiling Towards Her A Scapfold Falls And The Truck Hits And Kills Quinn.... Wendy Is The FINAL DESTINATION SOLE SURVIVOR.


    • At Home Quinn Hears Love Train Playing(FD3 CRedits)
    • Wendy And Quinn Hear There Is SOMEONE lOOKING bEHIND yOU on the train
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  • Daymoo1998

    Final Destination 6

    November 19, 2011 by Daymoo1998

    Doctor: Has She Been Taking Any Drugs Or Pills?

    Kevin Fischer: No.

    Mike Sullivan: Not Her Either

    Wendy Christensen: I Had Another Premontion

    Carly Castle: Me Too.

    (Cranes Are Shown Swinging Into The Building)

    (All Survivors Are Shown Encluding Wendy and Julie Christensen and Kevin Fischer)


    (A Girl Falls Into The Street And A Bus Is Hurdling Towards Her)

    Carly Castle: AMBER!!!!


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  • Daymoo1998

    FD Game

    November 19, 2011 by Daymoo1998

    So, I was thinking they should make a Final Destination Game For PS3, WII, PSP and what happens is

    1.Pick Accident-Flight 180, Route 23, Devil's Flight, Train 081,McKinley Speedway,North Bay Bridge, or Create Your Own

    2.Desgin Your Accident like what should happen here(dosnet have to be like in the movies) and watch as it happens

    3.Create Your Own Chracters (5-8) and pick visionary etc.

    4.Your Death= KILL them all

    5.Pick Ending(Mine is Devil's Flight and the end My Own)

    6.Start Another Movie

    What You Thuink?

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  • Daymoo1998

    My Idea

    November 14, 2011 by Daymoo1998

    Final Destination 7

    A Girl named Carly Castle has a premonition that Train 082 derails and she Saves 5 of her friends off and when she leaves her cousin Amber's best friend is boarding Train 081 and asks her to leave with Wendy they agree and Kevin sees it and follows and both trains derail.Everyone dies except Wendy and Carly.

    1 Month Later

    Wendy and Carly are walking and Carly runs across the street but falls, Wendy had dropped her stuff when a truck is about to kill her but something falls and misses but with Carly in the street, the truck kills her, then it runs into a cafe, Wendy runs in to see Nick,Lori and Janet dead(In movie there real bodies are shown) making FD7 before FD6 and Wendy is the Seires Sole Survivor and was meant to see D…

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