===Carly Castle I think Death maybe after us Carly to Mike during memorial

Carly is a super smart girl and photographer at McKinley High School.Her Sister is Olivia Castle,she is upset
about her death

Final Destination 8
Carly Castle and her friends are boarding cable cars when she has a premonition of the cable cars derailing.
Will do anything to help the suvivors survie.

When Carly and Mike are boarding Devil's Flight roller coaster when a huge fight breaks out,they sit and moments
later the wheel flys off part of the seat snaps Mike flys off the roller coaster,the rest of Devil's Flight breaks off
killing Carly along with the people aboard.

1.In her premontion she flys off with the cable car and hits the ground.
2.Her death haves to do with falling and cars/trains track.

10th character to be related to main characters.


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