Ones I Made Up

1.Water Park Slide Collapse

2.Ski Lift Derailment

3.Basketball Staduim Collapse

4.Amtrack Train Derailment

5.Merlin's Tower Elevator Collapse

6.Pearl's Ice Cream Shop Collapse

7.Yacht/Boat Sinks

8.Beach Explosions

9.Club Kitty Cave-in

10.Building Collapse(Cranes)

11.Cable Cars Derailment

12.McKinley High School Collapse

13.Musical Collapse


15.Bus Wreack goes onto bridge whcih then collapses.

And My Fanmade FD Accidents

1.FD6-Train 180 Derailment(amtrack train)

2.FD7-McKinley High School Collapse

3.FD8-Mount McKinley Cable Cars Derailment

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